Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

Getting into an exercise routine has many benefits, despite how hard it can be to get started.

Some people will struggle to get into exercise because they might not like going to the gym or might not have one close by or that is accessible to them.

And without access to the gym, how are they supposed to exercise?

Thankfully, there are many exercise tools and equipment that are now available for home use, so you can set up your own little gym at home and have full access to exercise.

No more excuses to put off exercising! One of the most common exercises that are highly recommended for fitness, is pull-ups.

They help strengthen your back muscles, arms and shoulders, your grip strength, core, and overall fitness and health. It is no wonder that they’re a favorite! To perform them, you need a pull-up bar.

As we’ve said, gym equipment is now a lot more accessible for home use, and pull-up bars are no different!

There are many pull-up bars for home use available in today’s market, with different options so that you can purchase one that suits your needs and preferences, making sure it can be correctly installed at home.

Pull up bars are usually wall-mounted, meaning they can be installed in any room as long as you have some free space next to a wall.

They’re constructed to be secure and safe for use, so you only need to worry about choosing the right one and getting it mounted on your wall to start your pull-up routine.

As there are so many to choose from, we’ve compiled a list with our top five picks for the overall best wall mounted pull up bars, and you can choose the one best suited to you! 

Best Wall Mounted Pull up bars

In a hurry?

Exercise is more accessible than ever now that you can purchase gym equipment to easily install in your house.

Pull up bars are one of the easiest and most common pieces of equipment to have at home, and they provide a great number of health and fitness benefits.

If you’re in a hurry to get the best possible pull up bar so you can get started, we recommend you check out our number one top choice: the Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull up Bar. 

This Yes4All product is one of the most budget-friendly options, favored by many customers and backed by an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and ratings.

It also has a high standard of quality, making it the overall best choice. It has been constructed from solid steel, black powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion, therefore enhancing its durability and lifespan.

It’s a single piece, easy to install thanks to the manual of instructions and the mounting hardware it comes with, so you can put it up as soon as it’s delivered.

The design has a spud space of both 16 and 24 inches, with it being adjustable to suit your needs and preferences.

With foam-padded grips, in multiple different positions, you are ensured comfort for your hands, while being protected from slipping during a long sweaty workout.

Supporting up to 300lbs, it is perfect to provide you with regular workouts to keep fit from home! 

Here are the main features:

  • Budget-friendly and high-quality
  • Solid steel - black powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Stud space of 16 and 24 inches - adjustable
  • Foam-padded grips in multiple positions
  • Up to 300lbs of weight
  • Easy to install


Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar (Bar New), Large (YWQ4)

The Yes4All Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Pull up Bar is an excellent choice with plenty of positive reviews and ratings from satisfied customers.

It is one of the most budget-friendly options while maintaining one of the highest standards of quality, which is what places it at the top of our list. It’s a single one-piece, constructed from solid steel for high durability.

It is also black powder-coated to prevent any rust or corrosion, further enhancing its lifespan. It’s designed for a stud space of 16 and 24 inches, giving you the versatility to adjust it for your specific needs.

It can also be easily installed, as it comes with a manual of instructions and everything you need to mount it yourself as soon as it’s delivered.

It features foam-padded grips in multiple positions, that prevent slipping during the workout and that are also very comfortable for your hands. This wall mounted pull up bar can support up to 300lbs of weight, making them ideal for long-term use and secure workouts.

Perfect for all of your pull up bar workouts, it is an affordable and reliable piece of equipment that will help you get fit from the comfort of your home. 


  • Budget-friendly and high-quality
  • Solid steel - black powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Stud space of 16 and 24 inches - adjustable
  • Foam-padded grips in multiple positions
  • Up to 300lbs of weight
  • Easy to install


  • Holds less weight than other pull up bars


Joist Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press

Ultimate Body Press is a well-known brand when it comes to fitness equipment, as all of their products are highly reliable and high-quality.

The Joist Mount Pull up Bar, unlike other mounted pull up bars, attaches onto a joist rather than the wall or a doorframe, which can give you extra space for movement while using the pull up bar.

This heavy-duty pull up bar is constructed from thick welded steel, with premium-quality high-density foam pads over the knurled steel grips. There are four different fully padded grip positions, which allows you to focus on different muscle groups depending on the workout.

The product comes with a full manual of instructions, and all the hardware needed to mount it properly, making it a very easy installation.

It is ideal for your home fitness routine, with 14” risers, 21” wide parallel grips, and a 42” wide bar. There are also plenty of accessories you can buy separately, to upgrade your workout even more!

The pull up bar itself is ultra-stable and comes with a 10-year warranty, to ensure any issues are promptly solved. 


  • Constructed from durable thick welded steel
  • High-density foam pads over 4 different grip positions
  • Easy to install - manual of instructions and hardware included
  • 10-year warranty
  • Up to 350lbs of weight


  • Only mounts onto joists


Stud Bar: Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull Up Bar,Standard (9-foot ceilings), Grey

The Stud Bar Ceiling or Wall Mountable Pull up Bar is a great and highly versatile choice that can be mounted on either a wall or a ceiling, depending on your needs or preferences.

It is constructed to have the same high quality as the equipment from proper gyms, with Hammertone powder-coated steel that is extremely durable and able to support up to 600lbs in weight capacity.

This makes it ideal for highly regular and high-intensity workouts, for the best fitness performance. It’s very easy to install, and the product comes with everything necessary for you to do so upon delivery.

It has a width of 48 inches, and the bar height can be fully adjustable for optimal reach and to suit your specific needs and preferences.

The product is also available in three different sizes, allowing you to find the best fit for the space you have available at home.

The simple design offers a single comfortable grip, which is enough for all of the basic workout positions. The Stud Bar is one of the sturdiest pull up bars in the market, and is more than reliable with its impressive weight capacity and stability. 


  • Mounted on wall or ceiling
  • Hammertone powder-coated steel - highly durable 
  • Weight capacity of 600lbs
  • Simple design - easy to install
  • Available in 3 different sizes


  • Only one grip position


Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar

Another product by the well-known Ultimate Body Press brand is the Wall Mounted Doorway Pull up Bar.

What’s great about this product is that it combines the convenience of door frame pull up bars and the stability and strength of wall mounted pull up bars, by being mounted just above the door frame.

Constructed from all-welded steel, it is highly durable and sturdy enough to support up to 350lbs of weight. The product comes with a manual of instructions and with all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation upon delivery.

It’s ideal for multiple different workouts, as it has three different grip positions that allow you to expand your fitness possibilities.

Designed to be simple and sleek, it remains close to the wall and barely takes up any space (which means you should use it with the door open for more space for movement!)

You could also buy multiple different accessories that could turn the pull up bar into many different pieces of gym equipment for different workouts, sold separately so you can choose and pick what you need. 

As an Ultimate Body Press product, it also comes with its 10-year warranty, so that you are taken care of if anything goes wrong.


  • Wall-mounted above a doorway - best of both types
  • Constructed from all-welded steel - highly durable
  • Supports up to 350lbs of weight
  • Easy to install - sleek design
  • 3 grip positions - multiple workout possibilities 


  • Some find that it’s too close to the wall


Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar | Best Multi Grip Pull Up Station | Chin Up Bar Wall Mount for Commercial and Garage Gym

The Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull up Bar is a highly popular choice, known for its impressive strength and reliability, while maintaining a sleek and compact design that makes it highly desirable.

Constructed from steel and black powder-coated to prevent rust and corrosion, this pull up bar is not only highly durable and reliable but can also support an outstanding weight of up to 800lbs.

With such a huge weight capacity, you can rest assured that it will withstand any and all fitness workouts with ease.

It has been designed with a completely smooth surface, making it comfortable for your hands, with a no-slip grip finish that will prevent you from slipping during a sweaty session.

It is ideal for targeting different muscles, as it features multiple grip positions for more versatile use and function.

The compact design makes it perfect for home use, allowing it to be easily installed with the product including everything you need to do so upon delivery.

You could pair it with plenty of added accessories to turn it into a multipurpose piece of equipment, with it being one of the most usable pull up bars in the market. 


  • Constructed to be highly durable and stable
  • Outstanding weight capacity of 800lbs
  • No-slip grip and multiple grip positions with a smooth surface for comfort
  • Compact design - easy assembly
  • Highly versatile


  • Expensive option

Best Wall Mounted Pull up bars Buying Guide

Exercising from home is easier than you think, especially with so many accessible pieces of gym equipment that can now be easily installed to use from the comfort of your house.

Pull up bars are one of the most popular choices of fitness equipment to have at home, as they are very easy to install and take up very little space.

They are also one of the most useful, with versatile use, and able to provide you with fitness workouts that target different groups of muscles and overall fitness and health.

There are many different accessible options in the market, so there’s plenty of you to choose from.

However, when purchasing a mounted pull up bar, it is very important that you make sure it is as high quality and as reliable as possible, so that you can perform your fitness workouts with confidence and without the risk of the bar falling down or causing an accident.

You should also be aiming for a durable pull up bar, with as much weight capacity as possible to ensure a good lifespan with regular use. 

There are a series of different basic factors that you should take into account when looking for your ideal wall mounted pull up bar, as well as different features that you can look out for as added bonuses.

Making your fitness workouts effective starts with the equipment, so it’s well worth choosing carefully! To help you out with the basics, we’ve put together this small buyer’s guide. 

Sturdiness and Weight capacity

It’s very important that the pull up bar you choose is sturdy enough and able to withstand a good amount of weight, to ensure stability and reliability during use.

You don’t want your pull up bar to fall off all of a sudden during working out, right? 

Always check the weight capacity, as the more it has the more reliable it will be. You should look at 300lbs and upward. 

Grip positions

The more different grip positions a pull up bar has, the more versatile your workout possibilities will be and the more muscle groups you can target with different fitness routines.

It is also important to look for comfort and for anti-slip features. A smooth surface or padding will ensure comfort and allow for a better grip, so this is something to 100% look out for. 

You should also check how adjustable the pull up bar is, and whether you can adjust the weight for a more optimal reach.

If not, it’s also good to look out for products that are available in different sizes, so you can ensure a fit that suits your space, your needs, and your personal preferences.  

Mounts and installation 

There are different ways a pull up bar can be mounted at home:

  • Wall-mounted: this is one of the most common ways to mount a pull up bar, and it is the way that offers the most stability and sturdiness. 
  • Door-frame mounted: this is another highly common way of mounting a pull up bar. It is highly convenient as it mounts onto the top of a doorframe, so you can perform your push-ups with ease in the middle of the door. 
  • Joists or beams: these are less common ways to mount a pull up bar, but they can be highly convenient if you have beams or joists in your house. 

Usually, pull up bars will come with everything needed to be mounted, but it’s important you make sure so that the installation process is easy and runs smoothly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pull up bars damage walls?

When installed correctly and used appropriately, pull up bars are completely safe to be mounted onto walls and door frames.

Most of the time, the only damage that occurs is different scuff marks, or the paint from the wall chipping away due to the pull up bar rubbing on it during use.

However, this happens over long periods of time and with regular use, so it is not something to be worried about. 

Is it okay to do pull-ups every day?

This depends on your fitness level.

For beginners, it is highly recommended that you take a few rest days in between each fitness workout day, to ensure you’re getting enough rest and to avoid straining your muscles and joints, which could cause some serious damage. 

As a general rule, pull-ups should be part of your fitness routine and be performed every two to three days, to gain the most benefit from them while avoiding any health risks.