Best Stepper Machines

Often it’s not easy to get a high-calorie burning exercise in the comfort of your own home.

With space being an issue in the homes of most people, it’s hard for you to run a few yards, let alone a few miles. Luckily steppers are the perfect solution to this problem.

If you want to get your heart racing in your one-bedroom apartment, then there’s no better way of doing that than with a stepper.

You can rack up thousands of miles on the clock without leaving the four walls of your bedroom.

They are ideal for both casual exercises and professional athletes who want to get their heart racing outside of training.

The cardio exercise that stepping gives you is just like running. Functional training like stepping helps improve posture, gait, blood flow as well as increasing bone density and working many muscles at once.

But if you have an injury, especially in your spine such as a herniated or prolapsed disc, the impact of your feet on the tarmac will exacerbate it.

This is where steppers come in very handy. With a stepper, you won’t even have to raise your feet off the floor, which will come in handy during rehabilitation.

So where can you find the best stepper machines currently available on the market? What features and materials should you be looking for when shopping for a new stepper? How much can you be looking to pay for a stepper in terms of price?

Well, fitness fanatics, you won’t have to worry any longer, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best stepping machines currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide that will help give you some insights into what to look for when buying your next stepping unit, along with some frequently asked questions.


Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine with Handle Bar and LCD Monitor - No. 059

Our first machine is a vertical unit that won’t take up a lot of space in your living room.

It comes with handlebars that will certainly appeal to steppers with mobility issues or spinal problems that want that extra stability.

This stepper works out your legs and buttocks, giving you that perfect toned look - introducing the Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine.

This is a great machine for stabilizing and improving your general posture. The movement of your legs will also build your core and give you more stamina in the legs.

The handlebars are sweat-resistant and are covered in foam padding for that comfortable grip. The foot pedals are also non-slip and will accommodate even the largest feet.

The LCD system is built into the activity tracker, making it very easy to monitor your fitness progress, keeping score of your time, calories burned, as well as the number of steps.


  • The monitoring systems are perfect for those who want to build up their stamina over time without having to buy any fitbits separately.
  • This is great for compound exercises in the hips and legs, giving you a lot more strength in your spine and core.
  • This stepper is great for anyone who wants to rehabilitate any spinal issues and achieve peak physical fitness at the same time.
  • The handlebar system is great for keeping you stable, allowing you to focus on those important muscles in the legs and hips.


  • This might not be a great unit for anyone who wants that extra challenge of going hands-free.


Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands, Black

When it comes to saving on space and giving you a rigorous workout, our next stepper is ideal. It is lightweight and can easily be stored under your bed.

This is one for those who really cannot waste an inch of floor space and need the room for hosting guests.

This also comes with resistance bands, which are perfect for people who want to exercise their upper and lower halves together - introducing the Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands.

If you want an all-round upper and lower body exercise regime, then you can’t go far wrong with this one.

The resistance bands make a great workout for your arms, the unit itself comes with a workout regime that you can easily adapt to your bands, giving you that all-body pump.

The action of this stepper is very smooth and you can also adjust the height of the stepping motion so you can use longer or shorter steps, depending on your level of fitness or mobility.

It also comes with a monitoring system that tracks your time and the number of calories you’ve burned.


  • The resistance bands are probably the most appealing aspect of this fitness machine and will certainly appeal to fitness enthusiasts who want to work out their chest as well as their calf muscles.
  • With a system in the housing for monitoring calories burned, steps taken and length of time exercised, you can track your improvements and start to make gains a lot quicker.
  • Like our last machine, this will prevent any herniated discs from herniating even further, reducing the impact left of the feet on the tarmac, giving you a smooth motion of exercise from the first step to the last.
  • This is a great machine for those who want the extra floor space, you simply keep it in the wardrobe or under your bed.


  • The resistance bands might be a little too intensive for those looking for a gentle once a week exercise.


Bowflex Max Trainer M3

Our next stepper combines the stair stepper with the regular elliptical, creating a heavy-duty stepping exercise device that will give you that deep burn in your thighs and calf muscles.

This machine is a high performer, with a built-in electronic fitness trainer that gives you targets to hit in terms of heart rate and steps - introducing the Bowflex Max Trainer Series.

If you want a machine that keeps you motivated, then the Max Trainer is certainly the model for you, with a trainer that encourages you to exceed the target you set for yourself in the last training session.

You will get a fast, deep burn from even the most modest setting on this trainer, more ideal for those that want to train for a long marathon when it’s raining - with this unit you won’t even have to leave the house!

The arms bars will also ensure that you're keeping your upper body moving too, resulting in a full-body workout.


  • You can see how hard you’re working with this machine, the built-in trainer will set your calorie and distance goals, ensuring that you are improving rather than regressing.
  • The armbands work out the upper as well as the lower half.
  • This is ideal for the intensive runners or those that run competitively, pushing you to that extra mile, even though you won’t ever be leaving your bedroom.
  • This unit looks very sleek and durable - you can be using this machine for years before you notice any wear and tear.


  • The size - this is probably the least storable of our units, only ideal for those who are dedicated to their exercise and an extra few feet of storage space.


This next machine is another one for keeping the entire body fighting fit, you can expect to start feeling better even after a week of using it.

It not only has up and down action but also side-to-side, with the option of being able to attach resistance bands to the underside.

You can get to work on your glutes, obliques and abdominals with the Sunny Health & Safety Stepper Machine No. 045.

This is a very high-quality model from the people over at Sunny, who are renowned for designing several steppers for people of all different fitness levels and mobilities.

Whether you're a housewife that likes to exercise between chores or are a busy career woman who only has a half-hour lunch break to exercise in the office - this unit will adapt itself to your routine.

This stepper can be adjusted to suit several different heights of person and accommodate several different foot sizes.

With a simple adjustment knob, you can have a stepper that suits your body shape.

This makes it a great choice for anyone who has mobility issues or is larger and plans on losing weight.


  • Your feet won’t shift on the footplates of this unit, as they fit snugly to the feet. This will be important for preventing tripping and injury. It will also give you additional security and confidence, which is important when exercising.
  • If you fit the resistance bands, then you can be sure that it will keep your upper and lower body exercises, allowing you to target the biceps as well as the glutes and hamstrings.
  • This stepper is another one that is very easy to store, ideal if you are looking to save on precious floor space.
  • The LCD will inform you of your calorie burn, you’re time, and your distance, allowing you to track your progress and improve your workout.


  • This might be a little too heavy for some users, which makes it tricky when picking up to store in a separate unit.


Our last stepper is one that comes in a very eye-catching color, the sporting pink will complement furnishings in a brightly decorated apartment.

This machine twists you from side-to-side as well as up and down, ideal for sculpting your glute muscles, allowing you to get into that hard-to-reach deep tissue - introducing the Sunny Health and Fitness Adjustable Mini Stair Stepper.

This stepper is a very quick and easy way to improve your fitness right in your very own home.

It is small and compact, making it easy to store in your bedroom cupboard or under the bed itself, with solid steel construction that can support up to 220-pounds of person.

You can work on numerous exercises with this stepper, improving your posture and your balance by strengthening the muscles in your core.

The footplates are large and can accommodate most foot sizes, meaning that you won't find yourself slipping or causing yourself injury any time soon.


  • The footplates are slip-resistant and low to the ground, which makes them great to mount, especially if you are mobility impaired.
  • The digital display of your stepper will help you keep track of your calories as well as your time and distance, allowing you to make gains quickly and efficiently.
  • This is a great unit for casual exercisers or serious runners who want to put in a few miles in between training sessions.
  • You can train your balance to a high level with this machine, toning your core, your glutes as well as the upper areas of your body.


  • This might not be heavy-duty enough for exercises who want the option of pushing their upper body with resistance bands.

Best Stepper Machines Buying Guide

When purchasing a new stepper machine, you’ll need to consider the types of exercises that you’ll be doing before picking one out.

However, there are a few basic features that every stepper should have to give you the most from your workout.

What Is The Size And Weight Capacity Of Your Stepper?

The size of your living space will be very important when buying a stepper. If you don’t have the room, then you’ll be wanting the smaller, compact units.

Some people will be looking for a stepper that they can store under their office desk or their bed, quickly whipping it out during your lunch break or while watching the television.

You’ll also want a stepper that can accommodate larger weights, so if you are of a larger frame and are looking to lose weight through your stepper, then you’ll need one that can easily support your starting weight without breaking.

When browsing for a stepper, find a model that supports at least 10 pounds more than your current weight.

How Durable And Stable Is Your Stepper?

The more sturdy the materials you have for your stepper, the better. You’ll want something made from aluminum or steel composites.

These are the most resilient to the repeated stresses placed on it, but also are lightweight enough for you to carry from one room to the next.

You will want to avoid steppers made of cheap plastics as these will be the most likely to break after usage over months and years.

Ideally, you’ll want a stepper that can last at least a year, maybe even more if maintained correctly.

What Cylinder System Does It Have?

The hydraulic cylinders of your mini stepper are manufactured from highly durable metals which will both allow you to support your weight and push you and your machine to the limits.

If your stepper comes with cheap cylinders, then the chances are that you’ll burn them out, which will result in overheating and cause increased damage to your machine over time, making it noisier.

What Is The Movement Of Your Pedals?

Different models of stepper machines will allow you to set the pedal movements, from the standard forward to backward elliptical motion to the slalom side-to-side, which will work more movement into the hips and the core muscles of the abdomen.

You’ll want a machine that will encourage those compound workouts, making all your muscles work together in tandem, rather than isolating one or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is A Stepper Different To A Treadmill?

With both the treadmill and the stepper you have a very similar sort of workout, although steppers are of a much lower gauge.

You won’t find yourself that exhausted after an hour on the stepper like you would on a treadmill.

Steppers are generally not powered by an electrical system preferring to run on the power that you put into them.

You also don’t need a larger running platform for a stepper. This means they take up less room.

You’ll be able to easily store a stepper under your bed, whereas a treadmill might take up an entire corner of your bedroom.

What Is A Stepper Machine?

Steppers essentially replicate the movement of walking, except with greater resistance, which will build up the muscles in your legs and feet.

Some of the steppers listed above also come with resistance bands, so you can exercise your upper body as well as your lower.