Best Stall Bars

Stall bars, otherwise known as Swedish bars or gymnastics gars, are multi-purpose pieces of gym equipment primarily marketed towards gymnasts.

However, anyone hoping to build strength, mobility, and agility can use stall bars to meet their goals.

A set of stall bars will typically be installed against a wall and used for support during strength training and flexibility exercises such as pull-ups and extensions.

More advanced gymnasts may also use these bars to practice maneuvers such as human flags.

This article will feature reviews of the 5 best stall bars on the market, alongside an informative buyer’s guide and FAQ section. 

Just because you’re buying stall bars doesn’t mean you have to stall for time - if you’re in a rush, check out our top choice!

Limitless XVP Fitness Swedish Ladder Wood Stall Bar Suspension Trainer

  • Solid pine construction
  • Finished with a matte sealant
  • 7 ft 8 inches x 32 inches
  • Training straps included
  • Includes hardware installation kit


These stall bars from Limitless XVP Fitness are made of solid core pine wood for ultimate durability.

The wood has been finished with a matte sealant, which not only adds a professional-quality sheen but increases durability.

The construction features 11 bars in a frame measuring 32 inches in width and 7 ft 8 inches tall.

These dimensions ensure that the Limitless XVP stall bars will fit comfortably in the majority of homes whilst remaining suited to the needs of taller individuals.

The placement of the bars has been carefully designed to enable a variety of exercises, from gymnastics to physical therapy.

The top bar is conveniently offset, meaning that it can comfortably be used to execute pull-ups.

Limitless XVP has also included 2 training straps with these stall bars. These training straps allow for more flexibility in terms of potential usage.

A maximum weight limit is not stated for this product, but customers have reported these bars withstanding weights of around 200 lbs.

Mounting hardware is also included for installation. 


  • Solid core pine construction
  • Matte sealant finish
  • Practical dimensions (32 inches x 7 ft 8 inches)
  • Hardware installation kit included
  • Includes training straps


  • No maximum weight limit stated


3B Scientific’s Eucalyptus Wood Stall Bar is ideal for therapeutic and fitness-related use.

Gyms and hospitals alike can benefit greatly from the addition of these stall bars to their services, but they are also perfect for home use.

These stall bars are made from eucalyptus wood, finished with an anti-humidity sealer that helps to prevent moisture damage and extend longevity.

Measuring 95.4 inches tall and 36.6 inches wide, these bars will support a maximum weight of 250 lbs.

The bars have a diameter of 1.5 inches each, and the top bar is brought forward for pull-up use.

3B Scientific has provided installation hardware for drywall installation so you don’t need to make any additional purchases before assembly. 


  • 250 lbs weight limit
  • Eucalyptus wood construction
  • Anti-humidity sealer finish
  • 95.4 inches x 36.6 inches
  • 1.5-inch bar diameter
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Some reports of insecure bars


Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set – Kids Stall Bars for Exercise – Kids Swedish Gymnastic Wall Gym – Wood Stall Bar Gymnastics Playground – best Gym for all family all ages training stretching – Sport-2

If you’ve been looking for a set of stall bars specifically for children, these Kids Stall Bars by WEDANTA could be exactly what you had in mind.

These stall bars are constructed from high-quality, natural wood and finished with non-toxic, environmentally friendly paint.

The polished surfaces make this durable stall bar set easy and comfortable to use.

Not only is the construction of the frame itself extremely high-quality but it also comes with a generous selection of additional features.

These features include gymnastics rings, a rope ladder, a climbing rope, and a trapeze swing.

With all of this on offer, these stall bars will make an incredible all-inclusive play and exercise tool for children of all ages.

And because this product is built to withstand up to 286 lbs of weight, with dimensions of 7 ft 2 inches x 31.5 inches, it can even be used by adults!

Mounting hardware is included for both concrete, drywall, and wood installation, and a picture guide has also been supplied to help you through the process.


  • High-quality wood construction
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly paint
  • Includes rope ladder, rope swing, trapeze, and gymnastics rings
  • 7 ft 2 inches x 31.5 inches
  • Maximum weight limit of 286 lbs
  • Concrete, wood, and drywall installation hardware and guide included


  • Some customers reported concerns about the mounting hardware


Vita Vibe’s Wide Adjustable Stall Bars are built for convenience and versatility, earning them a well-deserved place on this list.

This is an extra-durable stall bar set, with a heavy-gauge steel frame that provides additional strength.

The powder coat finish, meanwhile, is anti-microbial, making this product healthy and safe for everyone to use.

The bars themselves are made of American hardwood ash, which is a highly durable wood material.

They are 36 inches wide, allowing extra room for movement, and sanded with rounded edges for a smooth and ergonomic finish. The top bar is set slightly forward for pull-ups and chin-ups.

This brings us to the very best thing about these stall bars: they’re adjustable!

You can space the bars out to whatever distance best suits your desired exercise regimen, or to wherever feels most comfortable. 

This feature makes these stall bars perfect for therapeutic use, where comfort and precision are of the essence.

These stall bars are also available in 3 different height options: 74 inches, 82 inches, and 90 inches.

This means that you can buy this stall bar set in a size that fits both your physical frame and spatial limitations.

Mounting hardware is included with the purchase so you can start using your new stall bars as soon as possible. 


  • Heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Anti-microbial powder coat finish
  • Durable American hardwood ash wood rungs 
  • Adjustable rung spacing
  • Forward-set top bar 
  • Available in 74, 82, and 90-inch height options
  • Assembly and installation hardware included 


  • The assembly hardware is of cheaper quality than the product itself


These Dani LLC stall bars are constructed from beech and pine wood, which has been sanded down for safety and comfort and finished with a natural and eco-friendly varnish.

This varnish doesn’t just provide a sleek and attractive finish - it also protects against moisture and impact-wear.

Holding up to 265 lbs of weight and measuring 87 x 31 inches, this is a strong, yet compact stall bar set that will meet the majority of strength and acrobatic training requirements without taking up an excessive amount of space.

The 3 top bars are adjustable in terms of positioning, meaning that you can tailor the construction of this ladder set to suit you perfectly.

The construction of these bars is compliant with CE and TUV safety standards, so you can put you can trust this product with your strength training, gymnastics, and therapeutic needs.

These stall bars are easy to assemble and install using the provided mounting and assembly hardware and instructions. 


  • Sanded beech and pine construction
  • 265 lbs maximum weight
  • Natural, eco-friendly varnish
  • Compact 87 x 31-inch build
  • Adjustable top bars
  • CE and TUV compliant
  • Mounting and assembly hardware and instructions included 


  • Some customer complaints about the strength of the mounting cutouts

Best Stall Bars Buying Guide

A set of stall bars should be a safe, secure, and long-lasting investment.

They should also ideally be comfortable to use and easy to install.

This buyer’s guide will detail everything you should look for and consider in a stall bar set to ensure that it checks all of these boxes.

Weight Limitations 

As with any structure designed to support a person’s weight, stall bars will usually come with a maximum weight limit.

This weight limit is in place to ensure both the longevity of the product and the safety of the user, so it’s very important not to disregard this information.

In cases where the maximum weight limit is not stated, we recommend consulting existing customer reviews for testimonials of how well the product holds up under different weight loads.


The dimensions of your new stall bars need to be considered carefully for 2 reasons.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that the stall bars will fit into the space you have allocated for them. Secondly, it will be necessary to ensure that the frame is tall and wide enough for you to use comfortably.

So, what your ideal stall bar dimensions will ultimately come down to are your own measurements and the measurements of the area you plan to install the bars in.

In terms of width, the usual range for stall bars is between 30 and 36 inches. 30 inches will generally be more suitable for children, while 36 inches is considered extra-wide and will suit those with broader shoulders or athletes requiring more width to perform acrobatic exercises.

Typically, stall bars don’t take up a lot of space since they are wall-mounted pieces of equipment and will usually only require a few inches of clearance from the wall.

In most cases, the only additional protrusion will come from the top bar(s), which are often offset to allow for pull-ups and other similar exercises.

This means that, other than the width of your stall bars, you will mostly only need to focus on the height.

Where only one size is offered, companies usually manufacture stall bars in heights of around 7 ft. This height should be ideal for most adults.

However, some manufacturers will offer a choice of sizes, with shorter models starting at around 74 inches (just over 6 ft) for shorter adults and children, and taller builds reaching up to 90 inches (7.5 ft).


Aside from the advertised weight limitation, there are other factors to pay attention to regarding stall bar durability.

The first factor to take into consideration is the material that makes up the construction of a stall bar set.

A lot of the time, stall bar construction will be entirely wood-based. Where this is the case, the most durable wood should be used to ensure the strength of the frame and rungs.

Hardwood ash, beech, pine, and eucalyptus are all good options. The addition of varnish or sealant can help to protect the wood against water or moisture damage, extending the durability of the product.

In some instances, the frame of the stall bar set will be made of metal. If you’re concerned about durability, we recommend opting for a metal frame - ideally, steel because of how durable and impact-resistant it is.

Where steel is used, look for a powder coating. This will provide microbial protection and corrosion-resistance.


The ergonomic aspects of stall bar construction are what will ensure that your equipment is safe and comfortable to use, so it’s really important to consider this before purchase.

We recommend prioritizing stall bars that have been constructed with comfort and natural movement in mind.

Any wooden elements should be sanded to achieve a smooth, skin-friendly feel and eliminate any splinters.

Additionally, some form of varnish or powder finish should be used to ensure a professional finish, easy-grip, microbial protection, and non-toxicity.


Not all stall bars are adjustable, but if you’re someone who regularly performs a variety of exercises (for instance, if you want to use your bars for a combination of acrobatics, strength training, and physical therapy), it might be worth prioritizing adjustability.

Adjustable stall bars allow for a greater range of exercises to be performed and reduce the risk of injury by allowing the user to position the bars in a way that feels comfortable and will not overstrain them.

This is especially important for physical therapy exercises, where progress can easily be undone and injuries made worse by incorrect positioning.

In some cases, each individual rung will be repositionable, and in others, only the top bar(s) will move, so you will need to decide which option will work best for you.


Due to the average dimensions of stall bar sets, it’s very unlikely that these products will ever arrive pre-assembled.

All of the stall bars reviewed above will require some form of assembly and installation, so you will need to be prepared for this.

The silver lining is that the majority of manufacturers do include the required hardware for these purposes, so you don’t have to worry about separate purchases.

However, before purchasing any stall bars, you should make sure that the mounting hardware provided is compatible with the wall you plan to attach your stall bars to.

Assembly instructions play a significant role in making the assembly and installation process as easy as possible, so these should not be overlooked.

Something to bear in mind is that some instructions will be given only in picture form, which some customers might find easier to understand due to the visual element.

However, other customers have reported finding visual-only instructions more difficult to follow, so if this applies to you, it may be worth prioritizing written instructions.

Additional Features 

In most cases, when you purchase a set of stall bars, you will receive the bars and frame (disassembled) along with the required mounting hardware for assembly. However, in some cases, additional features may be included.

The most common additional feature(s) included with stall bars are training straps. Training straps are extremely useful for resistance training and stretching, and may also help to provide support during physical therapy.

Other features sometimes included with stall bar sets are gymnastics rings, climbing ropes, trapezes, and rope ladders.

These additions can really enhance a set of stall bars, creating a more diverse and exciting play and exercise tool for children and providing more in the way of gymnastics and strength training equipment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use stall bars for?

The great thing about stall bars is how multi-functional they are!

We mentioned earlier that, although stall bars are mainly built for use as gymnastics equipment, they can be used for a variety of strength and fitness-building purposes.

Some athletes and fitness enthusiasts use stall bars for ab workouts, while others use them primarily for pull-ups.

Gymnasts frequently use stall bars to practice their acrobatic work, from flexibility exercises to advanced maneuvers such as ‘flagpoles’ (sideways handstands).

Stall bars are often used in medical settings for physical therapy. Ballet dancers (and other kinds of dancers, for that matter) can even use these bars for incremental stretching support.

How do I install my stall bars?

The installation process for stall bars will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

This is why it’s so important to verify how much installation is required, what hardware is included, and what level of guidance the instructions will provide before purchasing your new bars.

With that being said, it’s likely that installation will involve using screws to mount the frame to a wall.

The kind of wall that you can mount your stall bars to will usually depend on the type of hardware that is provided, which is another reason why it’s crucial to check this beforehand.

For example, some hardware will only be suitable for drywall installation, while other screws and mounts will be compatible with concrete or wood.