Best Push Up Bars

You’ve all probably heard of pull up bars, those metal poles that we have attached to the doorway of our kitchens, our bedrooms or our living rooms, giving us the ability to pull ourselves up by the strength of your upper body alone.

They’re one of the hardest exercises to do, but they give us results very quickly.

However, there is a lesser-known counterpart to the pull-up bar, a piece of equipment that not that many people might be aware of - the push-up bar.

Push up bars come in many different shapes and forms, you can get suction pads or rubber-gripped handles that tack themselves to most surfaces from wood to carpet.

They are very easy to adapt to your desired hand span and can support heavy body types.

push up bars beside bottled water on wooden floor

One of the main draws of a push-up bar is how adaptable and easily stored they are. They barely take up any space, and you can keep them under your bed or in your wardrobe.

These are the perfect additions for a home gym, most of them coming at a very affordable price.

But where can you pick up the best push up bars? What features and materials do a push bar have to be made out of to give you the most reliable workout? How much can you be expected to pay for a decent push up bar?

Well, don’t worry all you fitness fanatics, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best push up bars that are currently available on the market.

We also have a buyer’s guide, which will help you sort out the weak from the chaff when it comes to exercise bars, as well as some frequently asked questions.


adidas Push Up Bars, Black

Our first push up bar is one that comes from a brand that we’ll all have heard of.

Adidas has been the world leader in sportswear and equipment for decades now, so you can count on this product to be durable and easily tailored for your needs.

They have foam handles, which gives you a solid grip that can be adapted for different exercises - introducing Adidas Push Up Bars.

These are push up bars that will appeal to both beginner exercisers and seasoned fitness fanatics.

These separate pads can be moved between exercises, so you can give yourself as shallow or deep push-ups as you’d like for a more effective workout.

The design of these bars makes them very sturdy, which is ideal for doing push ups as you’ll want that assurance that your equipment will keep you firmly rooted to the floor no matter what surface you’re working on.

They come in an S-shape and are made from solid steel, meaning they’ll be able to handle high pressures from heavier body types.


  • The foam grips of these push-up bars are very comfortable, meaning that you can exercise for a lot longer at a more leisurely pace. The design of the bars will also significantly reduce pain in the wrists.
  • If you do suffer from any repetitive injuries in the wrists or forearms, then you’ll want a pair of push up bars like these that will significantly reduce the pressure on these areas.
  • The material composition of these push-up bars are extremely durable, you can expect them to last for several years if maintained properly.
  • The shape of the bars distributes the weight placed on them evenly and will not cause them to shift during exercise.


  • The price - some users have complained that these bars are a little too expensive for what they have to offer.


Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

Our next set of push up bars are a slightly different design to the previous ones, coming in handles that rotate for increased muscle activation as your body dips.

These kinds of complex turns are very important for people who want to get that stamina increase in every single muscle of the arms and upper body - introducing Perfect Fitness Elite Push Up Bars.

If you’re looking to increase the definition of the muscles in your arms, back, chest, abs and shoulders, then these push-up pads really give you a thorough workout.

The handles rotate, giving you a full-body workout while alleviating the stress that can be put on the wrists and elbows. The ergonomic design will also distribute your weight evenly.

The Perfect Fitness Elites are made from a high quality, dense plastic material that will last a long time.

The pads themselves are very compact and will be easy to store, perfect for users who want to save on floor space.


  • The tacky pads on the underside of these push-up bars give you that assurance that they will hold to most surfaces even during the most rigorous workouts.
  • These suction pads can be adapted to any width, so for those of you who want that deep burn from your exercise, these will be the ideal addition to your home gym.
  • The rotating pads put the upper body through the wringer, leaving no muscle left untouched in its strenuous workout.
  • These pads can support up to 181 kilos in weight, so if you are slightly heavier, you can count on them for premium support.


  • Some users might be deterred by the complexity and intensity of the swivel exercise that these push-up pads have to offer.


Mazzello Steel Push Up Handles for Floor - Push Up Stands Strength Training - Lightweight 1.3 lbs - Non-Slip Floor Exercise Equipment for Men and Women - Push up Bars to Take Anywhere

Our next set of push-ups bars are on the more affordable end of the spectrum, coming in two fixed handles that are padded for extra comfort and solid grip, which won't cause you undue pain on your hands.

This is another push-up pair that you will be able to set to whatever width you want to get that deep tissue burn - introducing Mazzello Steel Push Up Handles.

If you are just getting into the world of strenuous exercise, then we’d recommend this model as they are cheap yet durable.

You can rely on them to establish a level of stamina that you feel comfortable with before attempting much more advanced push-up exercises.

Lowering yourself closer to the floor will make your muscles work a lot harder, helping you to develop the definition in your shoulders, arms and chest.

They are made out of plastic, which makes them very lightweight, perfect for carrying from your home to the gym if you fancy switching up the location of your workout from time to time.


  • When it comes to having a portable and compact unit that you can store in your locker for your gym or even in the office if you fancy working out for 20 minutes during your lunch break.
  • These push-up bars are adaptable to whatever level of exercise you feel the most comfortable with. Beginner, intermediate or advanced, you’ll all be able to get something out of this product.
  • The firm rubber pads of this push-up bar will keep you nice and grounded to the floor, giving you that extra assurance when you are exercising.
  • The price - these are very low priced, so if you are hesitant about push up bars, you can spend only a few dollars and pick up one of these to use as a sort of trial product.


  • Some users might not find that these push-up bars are as resilient as some of the more expensive models on the list.


Elite Sportz Push Up Bars - The Smooth Rotation Makes a Pushup on The Hands, Meaning You Will Feel Less Wrist Pain Than When Doing Normal Pushups. Very Sturdy and Won’t Slide Around

Our next set of push-up bars are ones that have been designed for maximum comfort, built with padded handles and smooth suction cups base that will secure you firmly to whatever surface you’re on.

These come in durable design materials, giving you that extra confidence, which is great for entry-level body-builders - introducing Elite Sportz Push Up Bars.

When it comes to developing your push-up technique, having rotating handles will give you the ability to really flex those muscles, engaging in compound exercises that work every segment of tissue in your back, chest and shoulders.

These push-up blocks are manufactured from a durable plastic material, which is designed to be smooth, rounded and very gentle on the hands.

This will be especially useful for heavy-duty exercisers who want to push themselves for longer and not be hampered by the wear and tear to the wrists.


  • These handlebars look particularly stylish and will complement the look of your other gym apparel. Sometimes it is all about looking good when you’re working hard!
  • These gym bars are especially lightweight, giving you the ability to carry them across from the office to the home or the gym and even to the park! If you have gear that you already carry around with you, then you’ll want to keep your total gear weight as light as possible.
  • The anti-slip technology on the suction pads will ensure that you have the best grip on a variety of surfaces.
  • The price - these are an extremely affordable pair of push up bars, ideal for body-builders just starting or some casual fitness experts who only plan on exercising a few times a week.


  • The revolving aspect of these push-up grips might be a little too advanced for the casual muscle toner.


Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

Our final set of push-up bars come very highly rated, being made of a durable, lightweight material that will give you a very comfortable grip and come in a variety of different color combinations including black, orange, blue and red.

This is ideal if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in your local gym and don’t want shoddy-looking equipment - introducing Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands.

These bars are very adaptable for a lot of different chest widths, allowing you to operate at several different angles, getting into those deep tissue zones that regular dumbbells just can’t touch!

The best push up bars are ones that offer a diverse range of motion, giving you the most out of your push up exercises.

These are extremely compact units, so you can store them anywhere in your home or office. This type of utility is very useful if you want to snatch a workout during office hours or in between coming home and having dinner.

The propylene material makes this very easy to wipe-down and weighs just over 1.3 pounds.


  • The range of colors available will certainly appeal to the more style-conscious push-up enthusiasts. Whether male or female, young or old, you’ll certainly be able to find the push-up bars that complement your personality.
  • These are a very versatile set of push-up bars, allowing you to set the width to whatever difficulty level you like - keep it narrow for the easiest setting or widen it out for the harder, deep-tissue stamina-builders.
  • These units are very lightweight, you can simply throw them in the bag and be on your way to the gym or the office.
  • The grip on the underside is very adhesive, allowing you to exercise on the most diverse surfaces.


  • The foam padding on the handle tends to wear down a lot quicker than other portions of the bar.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to selecting the right push up bar for you, you’ll want to think long and hard about the intensity of the exercise you’ll be doing, as well as whether you’re going to want to increase that intensity over time.

However, there are a few features that an average push up bar simply must do to enable you to develop decent muscle tone and stamina, keeping you safe and secure throughout your exercise.

How Much Weight Can It Support?

If you’re a heavier set person, then you’ll be wanting a push-up bar that can support the entire weight of your body without breaking.

If your bars break within a few months, then you’ll definitely be left feeling short-changed.

How Comfortable Are The Grips?

Getting a soft grip will allow you to really get into both small and large muscle groups in your upper shoulders, chest and even your back.

The muscles in these areas work in a system, so it will be very important to engage them all at the same time, rather than one at a time in isolation.

Comfort is also important for increasing your endurance, as sometimes your goal will be to stay on the bar for longer.

How Portable Is Your Bar?

All of the bars listed above are very lightweight and compact, so you can easily throw them in your bag or keep them in your office locker.

This allows you to exercise in a wider variety of places and give you much more flexibility over managing your time throughout the day.

If you are a busy career person, having push up bars that you can carry around will be very important for saving time.

How Stable Are Your Bars?

One thing that most people looking to buy push up bars will be concerned with is stability.

You’re basically trusting your whole weight onto a piece of equipment, so you’ll want a guarantee that you can perform your exercises without falling flat on your face.

The chances of injury are likely if you use push up bars that are inadequate for your weight, so make sure to check the maximum weight capacity before purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should Your Push Up Bars Have Padded Foam Handles?

Padded handles are the best way of giving you a more comfortable grip and allow you more time on the bars.

You’ll want to avoid hard plastic handles, as these can cause blisters and sores to develop over time with increased moisture and tension.

A lot of the push-up pads listed above also have slip-resistant undersides that will be very important for using on a shiny wooden floor, which is ideally what most people will be working with, as it is a flat, even surface.

Why Use Push Up Bars?

Most people might be tempted to think that push up bars are a waste of money, preferring instead to just put their bare hands to the floor and engage in a few ordinary pushups.

But this neglects everything that the push up bar can offer you.

Put simply - there are exercises that you can only perform using push up bars.

Using handles instead of the bare flats of your hands, you can get a firmer hold on your surface and do more complex exercises, moving your body not just up and down, but also left and right.

This sheer range of motion will allow you to get into those hard-to-reach muscles and build your overall stamina.

Remember: the muscles throughout your body work in a system and need to be exercised together, not in isolation like some gym machines offer. This way, you can be sure of a more thorough and dynamic workout.