Best Power Towers

Power towers are the metal frames that you see people doing pull ups on in the gym. They are so much more than this, and can be optimized to be a great and multipurpose addition to your home gym. 

A power tower can provide you with a whole body workout from just one piece of equipment. Even the most basic models of power towers will come with a pull up bar, a dip station, and a backrest. 

There are many benefits to a power tower as a home gym addition. The first is that they are very compact and give you the opportunity to perform a wide variety of exercise contained within a small area.

They are very versatile and can be used by people of most ages and all genders. Regular use will improve your upper body strength and tone your muscles. 

Another benefit of power towers is that they can be used to do isolated muscle exercises. This means that even when injured, you can perform targeted exercises to maintain your strength in other areas of your body. The central stability of the tower gives you increased balance too. 

We have rounded up a selection of the top power towers available on the market at the moment. Our favorite is highlighted just below so that you can find it easily if you just can’t wait to get started. 

At the end, we have included a buyer’s guide to show what factors you should be basing your purchasing decision on, what is important and what isn’t.

We have also created a handy FAQ section to answer any remaining questions you may have.


RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower Workout Dip Station for Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment Newer Version

The Relife is our top pick for many reasons, one of which being the price. The machine is a modest $179.99 on It weighs 65.7 pounds and has constructed dimensions of 26.4 x 35.4 x 89 inches. 

The machine is grey and has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. It can be used to do pull ups, push ups, dips, and leg presses.

There are 9 height level adjustments, ranging from 58.5 to 89 inches. There are 4 levels of backrest adjustment, from 7 to 9.6 inches. You can also adjust the handles from 20.47 to 22.44 inches, and the leg press from 29.3 to 39 inches. 

It is constructed from steel. There are suction cups on the base to ensure good grip to the floor. There is also a safety locknut mechanism included to prevent parts falling off.

The power tower comes with an instruction book and the necessary tools to build the frame. It has a 1 year warranty on the main frame, and a lifetime warranty on the parts.


  • Moderately priced
  • 330 pound weight limit
  • 1 year warranty
  • 9 levels of height adjustment 


Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment, 400LBS.

This SportsRoyals power tower costs $185.99. It weighs a hefty 61.75 pounds and the dimensions are 44 x 27 x 88.18 inches. 

The machine is black and has a high weight capacity of 400 pounds. It can be used for vertical knee raises, push ups, pull ups, and dips. The machine is made of 14 gauge steel and is coated in a scratch-resistant covering. 

The base is H-shaped and has 8 different support points for guaranteed safety. This too uses a safety locknut technology. The elbow rests are coated in PU leather, and are tilted at a 10 degree angle to prevent your arms slipping. 

There are 4 adjustable height settings ranging from 64.56 to 88.18 inches. There are 7 levels of backrest adjustments in the range 1.2 to 6.7 inches. 

There are easy to follow instructions included and the machine comes with a 1 year main frame and 90 day parts warranty. 


  • Moderately priced
  • 400 pound weight capacity
  • Tilted armrests
  • 4 height adjustments


BangTong&Li Power Tower, Pull Up Bar Dip Station/Stand for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment(Newer Version)

The BangTong & Li power tower is our next choice at a slightly cheaper $149.99. It weighs only 49.6 pounds but takes up an impressive 41 x 43 x 89 inches. 

It is black and also has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds. You can use the power tower ro perform pull ups, push ups, vertical leg raises, dips, knee raises, parallel bar lifts, and rows. It is hugely multi-functional and would make a great addition to your home gym at not too much cost.

There are 6 levels of height adjustment, ranging from 74.8 to 82.68 inches. There are high-density foam rubber grips, a safety locknut, and non-slip nuts included in the construction to ensure user safety. 

Additionally, there is a rotating safety back and strong suspension anchors included. The armrests are coated in a PU leather. 

The tools and instructions necessary to build this power are included in the shipped package. There is no warranty period stated, but the 4.5 star average across 2,140 reviewers on Amazon fills us with confidence.

They boast of their customer service skills and will solve any issues that arise.


  • Cheapest of our picks 
  • 6 levels height adjustment 
  • Tools for construction included


  • No warranty period


This is our most expensive pick, at $216.99. It is also the heaviest, weighing 77.1 pounds. The dimensions of the Zenova power tower are 40.5 x 41 x 81.9 inches. 

The tower is yellow and black. It has the highest maximum weight capacity of all our picks at 500 pounds, making it suitable for almost everyone. 

It can be used for knee raises, pull ups, dips, push ups, incline bench presses, and squat training. The armrests and barbell rests are removable making the machine customizable to your personal workout goals. 

There are 11 levels of height adjustment to the arm and dumbbell rests. The backrest can be adjusted to any of 6 positions. 

It is made of 1.2mm reinforced steel and comes with construction instructions included. The machine is covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


  • 500 pound weight limit
  • Removable elbow pads and barbell rests


  • No height adjustments
  • Most expensive of our picks


Stamina 1690 Power Tower

The Stamina power tower is the cheapest of our picks at $140.99. It weighs 61 pounds and measures 49 x 42.5 x 81 inches. You can get the tower in grey or in black steel.

The maximum weight capacity is only 250 pounds so is not suitable for all users. You can use it to perform sit ups, push ups, pull ups, tricep dips, and vertical knee raises. 

The machine has foam hand grips for added comfort, and non slip end caps for added safety. You cannot adjust the height. Reviewers say it is easy to assemble.

The power tower comes with a 5 year frame and 90 day parts warranty. 


  • 5 year main frame and 90 day parts warranty
  • Very cheap


  • No height adjustment
  • 250 pound weight limit

Buyers’ Guide


You should consider the size of the machine relative to your own size.

Some power towers have pull-up bars that are set quite low. This can be problematic for taller users and can mean that the exercises are ineffective. 

For shorter users, you should be able to purchase and use any power tower. If you are taller you should look for a tower with a higher set bar for best results. 

Maximum Weight Capacity

The gauge and type of the material the power tower frame is constructed from will indicate its strength. The harder the material, the larger weight capacity the machine can support without breaking. 

Higher gauge steel is stronger than lower gauge steel as it is thicker. This does not matter much if you are of an average, or below average weight.

If you are a little on the larger side however, this is something to bear in mind when choosing a power tower. 

The maximum weight capacity should be clearly stated by the manufacturer and you should not purchase a machine that does not display this information. 

Exercise Options

Some machines will simply offer pull-ups. This is good, but if you are planning to spend a decent amount of money you should look for a more multipurpose power tower.

These will usually allow you to perform dips, leg raises, and other exercises too. 

If you are looking to kit out a home gym, the more multifunctional the equipment the better. If space and money are not issues, this is not so pressing.

However for most people, they will try to stay within a budget and purchasing machines that serve multiple purposes are highly beneficial.


As you will be lifting your entire body weight on the power tower, we strongly suggest spending a decent amount of money on it.

You do not want to get a cheap version that will bend, buckle, or break under your weight. 

You should be able to trust the construction completely and so it is worth spending a little more money.

The power tower is an investment and should be thought of as such. They will last a long time and it is much better to spend a little more to ensure consistent quality. 

For a decent quality power tower, you should be looking to spend at least $100. 


Your power tower must be made of a material that can hold up to your bodyweight and support it through a range of motions.

Most power towers are made from steel, but you should look out for what the gauge is stated to be.

This means how thick the material is and is a good estimation of how strong the structure of the frame will be. 

Weight and Dimensions

This is important if you are considering purchasing a power tower as an addition to your home gym. You need to take into consideration the amount of space that you have available for the power tower. 

It needs to be a compact enough size to fit comfortably in the designated space, with enough space to use efficiently. They are often stable without being too heavy and can be moved around as required. 

If you have a particularly small home gym or need to move the power tower away when not in use, you should consider purchasing a lightweight model to avoid injury. 

Extra Features

One feature of a more premium power tower is added comfort. This could be in the form of padding on the seat and arm rests. Some have added grips on the handles to ensure you do not overexert yourself. 

You should ideally look for an adjustable power tower so that you can adapt its size to suit your height and build. 

Some power towers have rubber or foam feet added to the base. These will act to prevent the weight of the tower damaging your home flooring.

After a while these do begin to wear. If you do not want to replace them, we suggest you purchase some protective foam to lie underneath the machine. 

Ease of Assembly

You are very unlikely to find a power tower that can be delivered already assembled. Most models will come in a disassembled flatpack that you must construct yourself. 

Check the manufacturer’s website for assembly instructions or a step by step guide to construction.

This should take between 30 minutes and one hour depending on the complexity and number of component parts.

Your Fitness Level

If you are a more avid fitness enthusiast you are likely to need a more sophisticated power tower than a regular person.

If you are not planning on training very seriously, there is little point purchasing a top of the range power tower. A more affordable and simple one will do the job just as well. 

Weather Resistance

If you are going to use and store your power tower outside it is vital that you purchase one that will not rust or break when exposed to the elements.

Storing and operating your power tower outdoors gives you greater access to fresh air and allows you to work out in the sun. 

You should look for powder-coated metal, or some that has been coated in rustproof paint. These will help to prolong the lifespan of your power tower. 


You will need your power tower to have a large and stable base to ensure it does not topple over when in use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Muscles Does a Power Tower Work?

The primary muscles exercised by a power tower are biceps, triceps, pecs, traps, lats, and abs. In other words, the machine works most of your upper body to tone and strengthen you all over.

What Exercises Can You Do on a Power Tower?

You can perform a huge range of exercises using a power tower. The only real limit is your imagination! 

Common exercises that a power tower is used for are push ups, pull ups, dips, knee raises, leg lifts, and chin ups.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are many exercise suggestions on the internet to use as inspiration. 

Can I Get Injured Using a Power Tower?

Yes, as with all heavy-duty machinery there is always the possibility of injury. This is often caused by incorrect usage and can easily be avoided.

Do not treat power towers as toys, they are exercise equipment and should be used carefully and responsibly. 

If you are unsure of how to correctly use the power tower, you should consider looking at YouTube videos for instructions and directions on how to perform each exercise. 

If you feel any pain or discomfort, please stop your activity immediately.

Can I Use a Weighted Vest on a Power Tower?

This depends on how much weight your power tower is capable of holding. The frame must be constructed from a heavy-duty steel and the pads should be of a high quality. 

Different frames can support different loads and it is vital to check the maximum weight capacity of your machine before using it with the addition of a weighted belt or vest. 

How do I Clean a Power Tower?

This is very simple.

The power tower simply needs cleaning down with an antibacterial wipe or spray between uses.