Best Joe Weider Home Gyms

Joe Weider is a well known name in the bodybuilding world, but how does his home gym brand fare?

Joe Weider Home Gyms are manufacturers of a variety of different home gym systems. We know the stress that can come with trying to find the best home gym to suit your needs.

Half the battle can be trying to find a reputable brand to buy from, so not only do you have to research the equipment itself, but you also have to ensure that the brand makes good quality products that have longevity at their heart.

Luckily, by buying from a brand like Joe Weider Home Gyms, you can already sleep soundly knowing that you will be buying a product that is durable, long lasting, and approved by professionals.

Actually, the difficulty will be narrowing down what one you want to buy.

 We thought it would be most helpful to compile a list of our top five picks for the Best Joe Weider Home Gyms. This way you know that you have all the information possible about them.

We will review each of our five picks as well as state the pros and cons of each of the products. This will ensure you have all the information possible about the home gyms we have picked out.

As well as this, we have also compiled a list of features and considerations you should bear in mind when you are choosing a home gym.

These form a Buyers’ Guide toward the end of the article. They were the things that we considered when picking out our top five choices of the best Joe Weider home gyms. 

So if you are looking out for a new home gym set up, or you are looking to replace your current one and were interested in what Joe Weider’s Home Gyms had to offer, look no further. 

In a rush? Check out our top pick - Weider Ultimate Body Works

Our top pick just had to be this full body piece of genius. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a great choice for your home gym. Here’s what we loved so much about it: 

  • It works both your upper and lower body 
  • It is made using Weider Space Saving design meaning it is as compact as possible to fit with ease into your home gym 
  • You can adjust the bench and weight resistance to your own needs 
  • It has a 90 day warranty on all of its parts so you can rest easy knowing you can return it should something go wrong 

Don’t just take our word for it though. Buy it for yourself and experience its brilliance. 


Weider Ultimate Body Works Black/Red, Standard

First on our list the Weider Ultimate Body Works.

It is designed to give you that full body workout feeling and for this reason, it is perfect for someone with the fitness goal of achieving overall health and wellbeing. 

It is great for upper body workouts and lower body workouts so you truly get the best of both with this piece of equipment.

It is made following Weider’s Space Saving design meaning you can fit it into even the smallest of spaces.

This set is great for people who want to work on strengthening their muscles as well as increasing their flexibility. 

You can adjust the weight resistance depending on what you feel works best for you and your body weight.

The bench is at an incline too, and this can also be adjusted to your needs. The exercises you can do with this machine are innumerable. 

You can use it for lay down squats, for lateral pulldowns, for V-crunches, for seated chest press, and much more.

You can even do leg presses on there with the additional weights that are included, as well as using your own body weight.

The set includes a 90 day warranty on both parts and labor The Ultimate Body Works set includes the following: 

  • A telescoping design
  • It has a rolling seat
  • High pulley
  • Sit up and high handle
  • Leg squat
  • Free motion cables
  • SuperPack additional resistance


  • It is very sturdy and stable so you need not worry about the gym becoming unsafe 
  • It is an excellent choice for those who have the fitness goal of overall health as it helps to tone the body and strengthen up 
  • It is easy to assemble 
  • The set is very durable, with some customers reporting years of usage with no issues or signs of wear and tear 
  • It is excellent value for money as it is far cheaper than a gym membership in the long run 


  • The set itself is very heavy so it may need two people to put together. This makes it harder to store away easily too. 


Weider Power Tower with 4 Workout Stations and 300 Lb. User Capacity

Next on our list, we have the Weider Power Tower.

This is a piece of equipment that is targeted towards your upper body, making it a great choice if upper body strength is your main workout goal.

However, there is also the option to use it to isolate your core, and even to work on your calves, given you an all-around experience.

With this home gym set from Weider, you can work your biceps, triceps, laterals, and your forearms all in one handy piece of equipment.

It has incorporated pull up stations and push up stations so you can really get the most out of your workouts.

The gym has padded vinyl covered seating pads, ensuring that you are comfortable each time you work out.

The material is very durable, withstanding the bodyweight with ease. It is also easy to assemble with simple to follow instructions.


  • The incorporated push up and pull up station will be a hit with all fitness enthusiast 
  • Whilst it focuses on the upper arm, it also enables you to do some exercises with your core and calves
  • The seats have comfortable, padded vinyl pads on them 
  • It is easy to assemble 
  • The build is very sturdy and durable


  • Almost all of the negative reviews were about the box and equipment on delivery. Many people said the box arrived damaged and the kit had parts missing. The positive reviews far outweigh those that are negative but this should still be taken into consideration. 


Weider Incline Weight Bench black, 40L x 18.25W x 53.5H inches

This Incline Weight Bench by Weider is a great choice for someone who is looking for weight related exercises.

It is perfect for all dumbbell training and other weight lifting workouts.

The weight bench is a favorite of many gym-goers, and now there is no reason why you can’t get that same experience in your home. 

You can adjust the bench to your personal needs and the seat itself adjusts to 90 degrees. Talking of seats, this one is very comfortable and is covered in good quality vinyl for durability.

It also features a four roll leg lockdown tool, giving you far more stability and control in your workouts.

What we liked about this one is that it comes with a step by step exercise plan too, so it is like you have your own personal trainer living at home with you.

You can use it with any of the weights you already have at home, or purchase some high quality barbells and dumbbells from Weider.


  • A comfortable bench that can be moved to a 90 degree angle and all angles in between as per your choice. 
  • It is simple to set up with god instructions to help you along the way
  • The bench is covered in good quality vinyl for extra protection and to ensure longevity 
  • It comes with an exercise plan formulated by a personal trainer


  • You have to purchase your own weights to use with it if you haven’t got some already 
  • Some people found that there had been issues with quality control as some parts arrived damaged, although this was solved quickly as they were sent replacements 


Weider Pro 265 Weight Bench

Next up we have the Weider Pro 265 Weight Bench.

Similar to the previous product we discussed, this Weight Bench is also an adjustable one that can have its seat adjusted to suit you.

It is covered in high quality vinyl making it durable as well as being easy to clean after you’ve sweated it out on the bench.  

However, the added features of this one make it a slightly more premium choice as it works for various parts of your body.

It promotes isolated movements and proper form and can help to work your triceps, quadriceps, your buttocks, and your legs.

Use the included exercise chart to really work your body, safe in the knowledge that it was developed by a personal trainer so you know you will see results.

You can use it for hamstring curls, incline chest presses, bicep curls, and much more. 


  • The package comes with excellent instructions for setting up making the process as quick and easy as possible 
  • Well suited to beginners as it is easy to use and can help you to achieve a good range of different exercises 
  • It is a good space saver as it is not as big and bulky as some pieces of equipment 
  • It is sturdy and well made, reassuring you that you will be safe when using it


  • It is on the small side and those with particularly broad shoulders may struggle to use it comfortably 
  • Some people may find the weight bar too short 


Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench with Independent Squat Rack and Preacher Pad

This high quality set up from Weider is a great choice for those exercisers among us who have been doing this for a while.

It promotes total body strength with its bench and squat rack. From chest presses to leg extensions, you can work every part of your body.

You will probably be running to cancel your gym membership after purchasing this one and using it once.

It has an adjustable bench that can be fit into 5 different positions to suit whatever exercise you are doing.

As well as this there is an integrated preacher curl pad that can be removed when you want to do your other exercises.

The squat rack is independent too, but even with this in mind, the size is still as compact as possible to ensure it is perfect for your home gym set up. 


  • It is easy to set up and it has easy to follow instructions to help you along the way 
  • It is a solid and sturdy structure 
  • It is versatile as you can use it for a number of different exercises 
  • The bench can be moved aside to use the rack


  • You have to purchase the barbells and dumbbells separately or use your own 
  • The bench is a little higher than a standard bench according to some users which may cause a problem if you are short than 5 feet 3 

Best Joe Weider Home Gyms Buying Guide

Size and Location

The first thing to think about before you splash out on a new home gym kit is how much space you have, the location you are thinking of putting it in, and the size of the gym equipment.

If all you have is a poky little spare room that can barely fit a single bed, you probably won’t be able to fit much in terms of gym equipment inside.

You should take into consideration that gym equipment is big. It is heavy and bulky and doesn’t tend to be something that you can just tuck away into a corner of a room.

Of course, you can get gym equipment designed for smaller spaces, but you should first weigh up what sort of gym equipment you want, and where in your home it will be able to fit. 

Fitness goals 

Think about what you want to get out of your gym equipment.

Whether you want to bulk up or slim down can actually affect what type of equipment you get for your home gym. 

Do you prefer strength training or would you rather choose anything cardio related? Maybe you just want to feel fitter overall.

Different home gym sets will work different aspects of fitness, and therefore will suit different end goals.

Do some research on your particular fitness goal to see what sort of equipment is recommended for you.

If you will never use free weights, there is no point getting a home gym system with free weights. 


This goes hand in hand with fitness goals. There are lots of different types of home gym systems out there, and all of them are suited to different things.

You can buy some systems that come with a few different pieces of equipment or machines, but if you only want one thing in particular, this may not be the best option for you.

Weigh up whether you want a mixture, or whether you would rather pick and choose a few of your favorite machines to have in your home gym kit.

Here are some of the main types of home gym equipment you may come across: 

You can get free weight machines for home usage, these tend to be the choice of those wanting to bulk up, gaining muscle mass. If you are a fan of powerlifting, you should definitely consider this. 

Cable machines are a great choice if you are a fan of resistance training, so we would recommend these for people who like weights, but don’t like the thought of dropping a free weight in their home or garage. 

Suspension trainers are a good choice if you don’t have a lot of room for bulky equipment as the idea is that you use the straps and wires to help you hold your body weight and exercise in this way. 

Of course, the choice is not just limited to these three, and you can certainly get more variety than this, but these are the popular choices when it comes to home gym equipment. 

Final word

As you can see, when it comes to home gyms, Joe Weider Home Gyms is certainly one of the best brands around.

We are sure you are just itching to snap up some of these great pieces of gym equipment now after reading all about them.

If you still haven’t found your perfect piece of home gym equipment from our list, we would recommend that you use our informative Buyers’ Guide to help you choose an excellent quality product.

Remember, always buy from a reputable brand. Joe Weider Home Gyms ensure that all of their products are rigorously tested for safety before being made available for the public.

If you buy one of theirs, you can rest soundly knowing that safety is paramount. If you do choose to look elsewhere, ensure you research thoroughly to check that safety is key for your chosen brand too.

As long as the safety is up to scratch, you can then move on to ensuring that the equipment meets your fitness goal expectations, that it will fit in the space you have for it, and that it is a piece of equipment that you will use and enjoy. 

We hope this article has proved useful to you. You can buy the products we have discussed on Amazon or you can click through the links provided in each of the reviews to take you there directly.

Enjoy your workouts, fitness friends!