Best Home Gym

Gym memberships can get pretty expensive. Sure, you’re paying for all of the best equipment month after month.

But what if we told you that you can get the best equipment for an upfront cost, and you can even blare your music from your speakers instead of using headphones?

Yes, we are talking about one of the most incredible inventions known to resistance training enthusiasts everywhere - the home gym.

A home gym is essentially an amalgamation of all of the best gym machines and equipment, all from the comfort of your own four walls.

But what is the best home gym, that will really bring your training to new levels? Well, here are just a few!

Oh, and we’ve also brought you this handy buyer’s guide so you are fully clued up on how to choose the best option for you.


If you are in the market for an impressive home gym, you should certainly give the Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Work Bench a Try.

This is an interesting choice to say the least, as it doesn’t have a weight stack - instead, the resistance comes as a result of Olympic weights that you would otherwise see on a barbell.

This is actually pretty handy, as it will allow you to lift even more weight than you normally would in other home gyms. This is perfect if you are at a more advanced level in your training and need that extra bit of resistance.

Even if you’re a beginner you can benefit from this home gym. The system works with built in safety, and this means that there’s no way that you can lift heavy weights without having a spotter.

It means that because of the lever mechanism, it’s much harder to lift weights with improper form, which can often lead to injury.

The home gym comes with a lot of potential for different exercises, with a press bench, lateral pull downs and so much more. If you wanted to do squats with weights then you can simple detach the bench from the system.

Of course, this is where the problems lie - it’s difficult to get an angle that isn’t awkward to do squats.

Otherwise, it’s a very good option for anyone looking to improve their fitness from the confines of their home.


  • Great safety features
  • Allows you to lift heavier amounts - up to 500 lbs
  • Comes with the bench


  • It doesn’t come with the weight plates - these need to be bought separately


You are sure to get an exceptional workout with the Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym. This home gym operates with a 150 lbs weight stack, and it offers a lot of versatility.

The home gym comes with all sorts of ways to work your entire body, including arm press, a lateral bar, ankle strap and leg extension.

It even comes with lower and upper pulley systems so that you can target the muscles from a range of different angles. It’s pretty simple to switch between the exercises and alter the weight too, so you don’t need to get frustrated trying to work everything out! 

This is a great home gym when it comes to value for money with a decent weight range available.

Of course, one thing that should be noted is that the assembly instructions aren’t very clear, so it may be worth looking up a video online about how to set the home gym up.


  • Easy to use
  • Decent resistance range
  • Upper and lower pulley


  • The instructions for assembly aren’t very clear


Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine, Full Body Workout Bench for Home Gym, Gym Equipment with Linear Bearing, Steel MD-9010G (MD-9010)

This all in one model is by far one of the best home gyms out there. You will have so much variety in your workouts with this home gym that you may never want to go back to a traditional gym ever again!

The machine comes with a pulley machine, a Smith machine and some free weights. In addition to this, it has a free weight rack where you can put your weights when you aren’t using them.

It also has a pec deck station, a separate weight bench, a press bar, dual function leg developer machine, a high cable crossover, a low pulley with a foot rest and the Smith Machine.

It also has an impressive safety system that will allow you to lift heavier weights without worrying about acquiring someone to spot for you. 

The system comes with a 2 year warranty on the frame. It’s also great when you’re squatting or performing different sorts of presses.

We should also mention, however, that taller users may find getting a full range of motion somewhat challenging and you will also need to buy the weight plates separately.


  • Versatile
  • Great safety features
  • 2 year warranty on the frame


  • It may be harder to get a full range of motion if you are a taller user


If you’re more advanced, it’s only natural that you want the ability to lift massive amounts of weight just from the comfort of your home. With the Body Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym, you can do this completely flawlessly.

This home gym comes with three different workout stations in total. As a result of this, you can perform a humongous 40 different exercises, all targeting different muscle groups.

This is perfect for an all intensive full body workout with the expense of a gym membership. Using this home gym, you don’t even need a spotter because it comes with safety catches for every single exercise.

The bench is also pretty comfortable thanks to the thick padding. It’s pretty convenient and allows you all of the convenience of a gym without the fuel expenditure.

Of course, it is pretty large, so it’s important that you measure out how much space that you have in your home before you buy to ensure that you have room for it. It also doesn’t come with the weight plates.


  • Comfortable bench
  • 40 different exercises available
  • Smooth operation


  • Doesn’t come with the weight plates


Bowflex makes a lot of great home gyms for the workout enthusiast, but by far one of their best offerings is the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym. Your potential is limitless with this impressive home gym.

So, what does it offer? To begin with, if you find yourself a little limited by the weight available, you can actually upgrade it to around 310 or 410 lbs worth of resistance. This makes it the ideal machine for you as you grow and develop your skills with lifting.

It’s pretty affordable considering this too - you aren’t likely to find quite this level of resistance elsewhere. With it, you can do more than 60 exercises in total.

One of the coolest things about this home gym that we haven’t seen much elsewhere is the sliding bench. This sliding bench allows you to perform movements such as rows. It’s a great option if you don’t have a lot of space, as it’s pretty compact for a home gym.

It will target all of the main muscle groups too, so you could get in a full body workout every day of the week if you wanted to. The machine has a 5 year warranty, while the rods have a lifetime warranty and there’s a 60 day warranty on the parts.


  • Ideal for beginners or advanced users
  • Versatile
  • 5 year warranty on machine


  • The warranty on the rods doesn’t cover the standard wear and tear from everyday use

Best Home Gym: A Buyer’s Guide

Benefits of Home Gyms

If you missed the memo, we’re pretty big fans of home gyms. Gone are the days where you simply must step into your gym, full of the sweat of other people working out for that highly coveted physique.

No - you can stay at home, equipped with everything you need for a great workout, just for one payment. But that’s pretty vague - let us tell you what you really want to hear.

Machines that can only do one thing are going out of style - why have something that can do one thing when you can have something that can do all the things?

With a home gym, you can totally make your set up fix your needs and your exact goals. You only need to buy the things that you need, and you can get creative with it too. 

A home gym is an ideal solution for your average 21st-century workaholic, too. You don’t need to trek to the gym, with your family wondering why you aren’t home until 9 pm.

Instead, you can sit in your garage pumping iron while your partner tells you about their day. It’s the ultimate convenience for someone that’s busy. Not to mention if you have a slight phobia of gyms or you simply don’t like them, you can build muscle from home.

Gyms can also get rather crowded, with certain pieces of equipment being very in demand. If you have a home gym you don’t have to wait around for things to be free.

Finally, a home gym is an investment for the future. A home gym can cost a substantial amount of money when you first buy it, but this is worth it.

You don’t have to spend money on a gym membership every month, and you don’t need to spend money on putting extra gas in your car. An upfront cost is more than worth it for what could potentially be a number of years worth of savings. 

Things to Consider

Types of Home Gyms

There are a number of different kinds of home gyms on the market, and what you buy will be based on your goals and needs.

The first king is a weight stack home gym. These usually have a weight stack that weighs between 100 to 300 lbs in total. 

They come with a bench seat, an overhead pulley system, and leg press and extension machines. You may find that some of the more expensive models can have two or three stations, which is perfect if you need to change between the exercises more easily.

These are the ideal kinds of home gyms for people that are just starting up, and can actually be used even if your skill level is more advanced.

The second type is the resistance rod all in one gym machine. This come in a number of different forms, but the gist is that they use flexible rods instead of free weights or weight stacks. These rods will give resistance to any movements when you exercise.

They’re ideal for people from beginner to intermediate level. The weight can seem a little bit lighter when you first start the exercise though, and can gradually get heavier as you continue. This may be somewhat annoying for many.

Seat Adjustability

You should be able to use your home gym for a range of different strength exercises, from a bench press to a squat, or a seated press. These seated and lying down kinds of movements simply cannot be done if your seat remains in the same position.

Not only this, but your seat should be adjustable anyway, especially if there are going to be a number of people in your house using it. You will find that many of the more inexpensive models will have seats fixed into one position, but we highly advise you to get one that you can alter. 

Weight Stack

Before you buy your home gym, you should clarify the weight stack range. Making gains in the gym all comes down to progressive overload, so having one weight range for the whole time you are training simply will not do anything for your progress.

Your home gym should have enough weight for you to advance in your training. If you are already training then you should be looking for at least 170 lbs and more, but if you’re just starting out you may not need that much weight yet.


Multi gyms can cost a substantial amount of money.

With that being said, they are a worthwhile investment if you really want to take your training to new levels. The more complicated the home gym is, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Of course, if the machine is bigger it can cost more too. You can get more affordable options if you’re just starting out, but you should be thinking not only about what you are going to need now, but also what is going to be important for you to progress later down the line.

Sometimes making a slightly bigger investment is the best choice for your gains. 


Whenever you buy a new piece of equipment, you should always consider how difficult it is to put it together.

Ultimately, you’ve bought your home gym as a way to get more fit, not to play a glorified game of overly complicated LEGO. 

You want something that’s simple to put together, especially if you’re not great at following complicated instructions or you aren’t particularly handy. Have a look online to see if people

Warranty and Safety Elements

If used incorrectly, gym equipment can be pretty dangerous. That’s why it’s essential that the home gym you buy is safe.

Check what kinds of safety regulations the home gym is compliant with. Warranties can also be a good indication of how good the machine is. It’s also important to ensure that the machine will accommodate for your weight.

Check for products offering warranties that span a couple of years for the parts and frames, as this is a good indication that the machine has been rigorously tested and will last a long time.

Variety of Workouts

You should be able to do the vast majority of your workouts with your home gym. That’s why you need to find an option with plenty of versatility for your workouts.

Look for home gyms that have things like numerous pulleys and bench inclines, arm curls and more.

Having lots of versatility also means that you are less likely to get bored from doing the same things all the time, and it means that you can work different muscles each time that you work out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You use a Multi Gym on an Upstairs Floor?

Of course, you can certainly put your multi gym on an upstairs floor.

With that being said though, it’s definitely worth considering how much additional weight you are adding on top of the multi gym, and what this could mean for your upstairs floors. 

It may end up putting excessive pressure onto the flooring, which can end up weakening it. This may result in some damage to the structure of your home.

If you can, you should try to put your multi gym on a concrete floor on the ground floor. A basement or a garage would also be suitable.

You should also have a protective covering to make sure that any impact is absorbed. It also helps to reduce the amount of noise.