Best Free-Standing Pull-Up Bars

What do you do to work out when your local gym isn’t open? If running isn’t your thing and you don’t feel like swimming, you can always bring the gym to you with your very own free-standing pull-up bar. 

Many people are turning to free standing pull up bars because of their versatility when it comes to how you work out. From upper body strength conditioning to a killer abs workout, there’ll be no excuse not to get fit with one of these around the house. 

Pull-ups are a challenge, but choosing the perfect free-standing pull-up bar shouldn’t be. We’ve attempted to make your choice easier for you by putting together this handy guide, and so we scoured the internet to find some of the best options available. 

Having reviewed each of these options based on a comprehensive list of factors that we think are the most important when making this decision, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorites for you to compare and consider. There’s also a frequently asked questions section 

In a hurry? Keep scrolling to read more about our top pick and to find out why it pulls ahead in the race for the title of the best free-standing pull-up bar.


RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Power Tower Pull Up Bar Station Workout Dip Station for Home Gym Strength Training Fitness Equipment Newer Version

Our top pick is the Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower, the perfect piece of equipment for working your arms, chest, back, and core muscles. It can hold up to 330 lbs and is made of high-quality steel.

It’s both safe and structurally very sturdy, and surprisingly it’s not the most expensive option considering all it has to offer.

It’s not cheap either though, but you can expect to get the most of what you pay for if you invest in this bar for your home gym.

Whatever available space you have, the practical design has all of its features on one side so it can be placed against a wall for added stability.

It also features four suction cups at the base of the frame, so it’s incredibly secure even during vigorous workouts. These can be adjusted in terms of flatness so that they fit comfortably against the ground’s surface.

With their patented adjustable armrest design, you can be comfortable while you’re performing any of the multiple exercises you can do with this power tower pull-up bar.

There are nine levels of adjustment to suit your height or to make it possible to carry out different types of exercise.

Whilst the static nature of this free-standing piece of exercise equipment makes it a more sturdy option, it also means you wouldn’t be able to easily move it from place to place, so it may not be the best option if you’re hoping to work out in different locations.


  • Incredibly sturdy thanks to 4 suction cups
  • Height adjustable with 9 different levels so it’s suitable for a range of ages
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty on accessory parts and a one-year warranty on the mainframe


  • Non-portable option


CAP Barbell FM-905Q Color Series Power Rack Exercise Stand, Carbon

Next, we looked at this free-standing exercise bar from CAP, a well-loved and trusted brand in the fitness industry.

They have over 30 years of experience in producing strong, reliable equipment that will help you to become stronger too! 

Jump up to the bar with confidence thanks to its sturdy construction, as this pull-up bar features 11- and 12-gauge steel tubing.

It’s capable of handling up to 500 lbs of weight without breaking a sweat (although we guarantee you will be) because the double gusseted uprights deliver enhanced stability.

Quality cold rolled steel was used in the construction of this free-standing bar, and it was coated with a powder finish to make it even more durable. Combined with the industrial zinc hardware, this long-lasting pull-up bar is practically maintenance-free.

Featuring a built-in bar and weight storage, including J cup catches for your barbell to be securely held in place, you can use this bar for a variety of different training by simply adjusting it.

It’s versatile and it doesn’t break the bank, so you’ll get great value for money from this free-standing pull-up bar. 


  • The durable construction means it’s a reliable bar that will last longer than some cheaper, flimsier models 
  • Manufactured by a trusted brand in the fitness industry 
  • It features a powder coat finish and industrial zinc hardware 
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some customers report that there were screws missing


KHANH TRINH TOES DON'T TOUCH GROUND Foldable Free Standing PullUp Bar Stand Sturdy PowerTower Workout Station For Home Gym Strength Training Adjustable Fitness Equipment Multifunctional Exercise Rack

If you’re low on storage space, this foldable free-standing pull-up bar is a great choice. Didn’t measure the intended area for your bar 100% accurately?

Don’t sweat it, as you can adjust the size of the footprint as well as the height to suit your needs. The footprint is slightly wider than some bars offer, although this means you’re less likely to bump your legs on the frame.

It’s also foldable, so you can easily pack up your frame to be put away when it’s not in use or if you’re planning on transporting it to another location. In just a mere 8 seconds you can collapse this pull-up bar down to immediately free up space thanks to its ergonomic design.

A removable handlebar is hugely convenient as it allows you to replace it with different accessories to switch up your workout when you want to, making it another multifunctional option that allows you to perform a variety of exercises using this equipment. 

You won’t have to worry about damage to your walls or floors because the non-slip rubber padding at the base of the frame prevents accidental scratches or marks from occurring.

It also provides extra grip for enhanced stability and safer use.


  • Provides maximum comfort for the user 
  • 92% of wobble is eliminated for a more secure workout 
  • 772 lbs weight limit 
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Each bar goes through extremely thorough quality control


  • More expensive option


Anyone who’s looking to get a full-body workout from their free-standing bar will be happy to see this GoBeast pull-up bar in our line-up.

It allows you to perform over 35 different exercises with just one piece of equipment, so it would make a great addition to any home gym. 

Designed for you to grab and go, the bar easily dismantles into small tubular lengths which can be packed up and transported or stored within your home when not in use.

It comes with a large storage bag included so you won’t have to worry about losing any of the parts before you get the chance to reassemble it, although bear in mind that the 46 lbs you’ll be carrying inside the bag is practically a workout in itself. 

It has a weight limit of just 300 lbs which is less than what some of the other bars we’ve included are capable of supporting, but this is pretty standard for a portable free-standing bar and it's where the compromise lies in order for it to be so portable.  

Best used on hard surfaces instead of carpet, it may not be the best option if a slight amount of wobble is enough to put you off your game, as some customers have reported that there’s some sway once you’re mounted.

This is a point of personal preference, however, and it’s certainly not enough to be considered unsafe. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Can be disassembled and comes with a storage bag included for easy portability 
  • Multifunctional with over 35 exercise options


  • Lower weight limit of 300 lbs 
  • Some customers report that it can be quite wobbly


soges Power Tower Adjustable Height Pull Up & Dip Station Multi-Function Home Strength Training Fitness Workout Station, PSBB002

The last pull-up bar we looked at was this Soges Power Tower, a great multifunctional piece of equipment that provides the ultimate workout.

From pull-ups to tricep dips, push-ups to vertical knee raises, there’s plenty of things you can use this bar for. 

You’ll save on space and money as you can work almost every muscle in your body with just one piece of equipment. Considering it’s already at the more affordable end of the price range, you get a lot for what you pay for with this free-standing bar. 

It’s one of the most stable models we’ve found thanks to the large anti-skid foot sleeve and the splayed anti-eversion base, which provide excellent support for the heavy-duty frame.

It’s great if you’re happy working out at home and won’t need to move your pull-up bar from place to place, but the weight and build of it mean you wouldn’t find it easy to transport. 

The frame is manufactured using durable material so it can withstand long-lasting use, and it’s able to support a 330 lbs weight without bending.

You can adjust the bar to suit a range of heights as required, so you’d be able to invite a friend over to workout with, no problem. 


  • Excellent value for money 
  • Multifunctional use 
  • Anti-skid base 
  • It feels safe to use because of how stable it is once correctly set up


  • Some issues with missing screws
  • Maximum weight of 330 lbs

Best Free-Standing Pull-Up Bars Buying Guide

Types of Pull Up Bars

When trying to decide what type of bar you’re looking for, first you’ll need to consider the space it will inhabit.

Are you living in a rented property where any damage to the walls would result in a fine? Will a free-standing pull-up bar take up too much room?

Whatever your situation is, there’s a bar that’s perfect for you and will suit all your exercising needs. 


If you want to utilize your space to its full potential, you might appreciate a bar that can fold away neatly after use.

Foldable pull-up bars do just that, which also makes them easier to transport if you’ll be using your bar in different locations.

The only downside is that because of the flexibility needed for this, less durable materials are often used which can be less suitable for athletes with a bigger frame. 

Height Adjustable 

Height adjustable pull-up bars do exactly what it says in the name.

Being able to adjust the bar to whatever height you need makes this an excellent option for a personal trainer, or in any situation where people with different heights and builds will be using the same bar.

Fixed - Non-portable 

Not going anywhere? Well, neither is your fixed pull-up bar, as these non-portable options are secured in one place.

They’re a far more heavy-duty option than folding bars, for example, meaning even the bulkiest of bodybuilders wouldn’t have to worry about pulling the bar down while they pull themselves up.

But don’t think that pull-ups are the only thing you’ll be doing with this apparatus, as various attachments are often included to expand the range of exercises you can complete with this type of bar. 

Outdoor Use

Not enough indoor space? No problem! You can find outdoor free-standing pull-up bars that are perfect for use in your backyard.

In order to withstand the sometimes harsh weather conditions of the great outdoors, these types of pull-up bars are constructed using weatherproof materials.

Extensions or other adjustments allow you to vary what type of exercise you do with your bar so you can experience a more varied workout. 

Features to Look Out For

So, now you know what different types of pull-up bar there is available.

If you already have a good idea about which style you want to go for, great!

Don’t get too excited though, as there are still a few features that you may want to consider before making your final decision.

Weight Limit

When trying to choose a free-standing pull-up bar, the first thing you need to think about is the maximum weight limit your bar can handle.

Most standard frames are able to support any weight between 200 lbs and 1000 lbs, and the maximum load will be clearly stated in the product specification information.


This time we don’t mean how tall you are! When you’re looking for a new free-standing pull-up bar, it has to be a good fit. Literally.

You wouldn’t believe us if we told you how many people realize that their stand is too big after it’s turned up at their home gym. 

Before you click add to cart, always check the size measurements provided in the product specification information, then measure (and double measure, for good measure) the size of the space you’re planning on setting it up in. 


If you’re at the gym and a piece of equipment breaks during use, you’ve got a lawsuit on your hands, and probably a decent settlement coming your way.

If this happens with your free-standing pull-up bar at home, all you’ve got is a few (hopefully minor) injuries and a broken bar, hence why durability is so important to consider before you buy one. 

Pull-up bars that have been constructed with materials such as high-quality steel are likely to last longer, so you won’t end up having to buy twice all because you tried to save a few dollars the first time around.

But durability isn’t just about the materials it’s made from, you should also consider how stable it will be whilst you’re working out, which brings us to our next point. 


Whilst it’s totally normal to experience a little wobbling on the bar, especially if you’re working out particularly intensely, no pull-up bar should feel unsteady or overly unstable when it’s in use.

This can lead to serious injury or cause potential damage to your bar as well as the walls, so if you’re renting, you can kiss goodbye to that deposit. 

Some free-standing pull-up bars can be secured to the wall or ceiling in order to provide extra stability, but this will largely depend on what type of bar you end up going for.

Always make sure that you’ve set it up correctly and that nothing is going to come loose before you jump on. 

Portability and Convenience

One of the advantages of a free-standing pull-up bar over wall-mounted bars is that they’re typically much easier to transport.

This of course depends on the make and model you choose to go for, however, as some are more lightweight than others. They’ll be easier to move, but they can also be less sturdy, so it depends on what you feel is more important. 

Being able to quickly assemble and dismantle your bar is going to save you a lot of time if you’re planning on transporting your bar to different locations, but it also means it will more conveniently pack away for storage.

Some bars are foldable to make this even easier for people with limited storage space when the bar is not in use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use a Free-Standing Pull-up Bar?

First, ensure your pull-up bar is the correct height. It should be tall enough that you need to jump slightly to grasp the bar, with your feet unable to touch the floor while you’re hanging from it. 

Position yourself below the bar with about a shoulder widths gap between your feet. Jump and wrap your fingers around the bar in an overhand grip, again keeping them shoulder-width apart. 

With your arms fully extended as you’re hanging from the bar, bend your knees until you feel like you’re in a balanced position, with your ankles crossed for extra security.

Breath in and pull yourself up until your chin reaches a point where it’s level with the bar, exhaling as you do so. Inhale as you lower your body until your arms are extended again, keeping your feet off the ground. Repeat until you can’t possibly do anymore!

We’ve mentioned that there are plenty of other exercises you can do using a free-standing pull-up bar, so if you need more inspiration you might want to check out YouTube videos which will provide a clear demonstration.

What Muscle Groups are Worked When you use a pull-up Bar?

The main muscles that are in use when you’re doing pull-ups are the latissimus dorsi, which is also known as ‘lats’.

Located on your back behind your arms, this large muscle is the most worked during this exercise. 

However, you’ll also feel the burn in your chest, upper back, and shoulder muscles, as these are also worked.

Plus, your abdominal muscles are taught throughout the pull-up process, so these are hardly neglected either. 

Do Free-standing pull-up Bars Damage Your Floors?

There’s no reason that your free-standing pull-up bar should damage your floors or any areas within your house for that matter, as they’re designed for home use.

Some frames will come with padding or grip around the base which provides extra protection for your floors, but unless you’re dragging it across your floors, it should be perfectly fine.