Best Folding Treadmills

A treadmill can provide an effective way of enjoying your daily workout from the comfort of your home.

Whether it's raining outdoors, or the thought of leaving the confines of your home simply aren't appealing to you, a treadmill provides a solution.

However, when purchased in their standard form, issues can arise concerning the size and space that they consume and this is where a folding treadmill provides a viable option.

Although they function in the same way as a standard treadmill and they can be stored easily when they are not in use so those with limited space available can still get their daily running fix.

If you are unsure as to which folding treadmill is best for your needs, not to worry as we have browsed the market and reviewed our top 5 picks of the best options available.

To provide you with some additional guidance before making your purchase, we have included a handy buyer's guide where we have outlined important features of a folding treadmill and factors to consider before making your purchase.

Are you in a hurry? If so, not to worry as we have picked our top pick for you below.


NordicTrack T Series Treadmill + 30-Day iFIT Membership

With an impressive star rating and raving customer reviews to accompany this, the NordicTrack T Series Treadmill brings the convenience of workouts to the comfort of your home.

As a folding treadmill, it incorporates an innovative space saving design, compressing to a compact size that consumes a minimal amount of space when it isn't in use.

With an intuitive user display, each of the settings can be easily accessed, and there is the option for a maximum of 5 individuals to create their own profiles to enjoy workouts and programs that cater to their personal requirements and goals.

Though it may be a little bulky, it boasts a generously sized running surface measuring 20" x 60" to accommodate the strides of different individuals.

Utilizing flex control technology, the impact of harsh contact with the surface on your joints is reduced.

Accessing the pre-programmed workouts couldn't be easier and the SMART motor brings the effectiveness of an outdoor run to the comfort of your own home.

It also features quick incline control ranging from 0-12% to cater to the goals of each individual.


  • This treadmill has a 300lbs weight capacity.
  • Each of the parts are covered by individual warranties; a 10 year frame warranty, a 2 year parts warranty, and a 1 year labor warranty.
  • The touchscreen display allows for easy access to the preprogrammed workouts.
  • Multiple users can create accounts to track their progress.
  • It can reach an incline of 12% and speeds of 12 mph.


  • Customers who have previously used the machine have commented on the noise it makes when it is in use.


Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Incline Treadmill With Tablet And Device Holder - SF-T4400

The Sunny Health and Fitness Folding Treadmill features 9 built-in workouts that can be viewed via the large LCD that also displays the data including the time, the speed at which you are traveling, and the calories that you have burned, etc.

With a 2.20 horsepower motor, this unit provides a great deal of power when it is in use.

It can also reach speeds of 9 MPH and you can select one of three incline options, which include 0%, 2%, and 4.37% so you can choose the settings according to the requirements of your workout.

When in its standard form, this treadmill has a generous running surface that measures 49" x 15.5" to accommodate individuals with longer strides.

The controls are incorporated into the handrails for easy access to the speed and power functions.

Impressively, this treadmill has many helpful features including a cup holder for when you require a quick refresh during your workout and wheels for easy maneuverability when needed.

A particularly favorable concept is the soft drop system that provides an easy, hassle-free way of accessing your treadmill.


  • It's good value for money and an ideal choice for those who don't wish to spend a lot.
  • Features an easy folding and unfolding mechanism for user convenience.
  • Comes with 9 built-in programs.
  • The incline and speed can be adjusted using the controls.
  • The handles have built-in controls for user convenience. 


  • The build quality of this treadmill could be improved.


XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill

Featuring 12 pre-programmed workouts, the Xterra Fitness Folding Treadmill brings versatility to your workouts so you can enjoy more than simply walking or running on your treadmill.

It also sports an impressive speed range from 0.5 mph to 10 mph to accommodate the fitness levels of each user.

Designed with a 16" x 50" running surface, it caters to the strides of different individuals and can be folded with ease when not in use.

For greater portability, you will be pleased to know that it has wheels that make it easier to transport when needed.

For those who are unfamiliar with using a treadmill, you will be pleased to know that it features a simple display that allows for easy navigation between the settings.

Thanks to the heavy-duty stainless steel design it offers enhanced durability making this a sleek addition to the interior of your home.

Equipped with a powerful 2.25 horsepower motor, you can enjoy working out with greater speed and efficiency. It also has hand sensors that encourage you to achieve your goals.


  • The generous running surface accommodates runners of all builds and fitness levels.
  • The cushioned deck provides sufficient support and prevents your joints from encountering harsh impact with the running surface.
  • It features preset controls for user convenience.
  • Durably designed, this treadmill is likely to see you through many uses.
  • It comes with pre-programmed settings to add greater variety to your workouts.


  • It remains a little bulky when folded and this is necessary to remember when considering its storage requirements.


Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill, Installation-Free with Blue Tooth Speaker, Remote Control, APP Control and LED Display, Walking Jogging for Home Office

As a 2 in 1 folding treadmill, you can enjoy using this machine in one of the two following ways.

When folded it can be used for jogging and has a speed range of 1-4km. When in standard form with the arm rail raised, it can be used for running and features speeds within the range of 1-12km/H.

This treadmill is equipped with a quiet motor that allows you to walk or run on the machine without the worry of disrupting those surrounding you.

It is also shock-absorbing to reduce the impact on your joints following contact with the running surface.

Impressively, this treadmill has been designed with user convenience in mind.

It has a 5 layer running mat that possesses nonslip qualities so you can run with the confidence that your feet are going to remain securely positioned on the surface as you do so.

A great thing about this treadmill is the additional features that it comes with.

It features Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect the treadmill to your phone and so you can listen to your favorite soundtracks as you workout.


  • This treadmill is backed with a 1 year warranty for help should you experience any issues.
  • Not only is it foldable but it also has wheels for convenient maneuverability.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect your phone to the treadmill.
  • It can be purchased in a range of colors to complement the interior of your home decor.
  • It is affordably priced and an ideal option for those who are on a budget.


  • Despite being advertised as quiet functioning, many customers have commented that it produces a lot of noise when it is in use.


SereneLife Smart Electric Folding Treadmill – Easy Assembly Fitness Motorized Running Jogging Exercise Machine with Manual Incline Adjustment, 12 Preset Programs | SLFTRD20 Model

The Secret Life Smart Electric Folding Treadmill is smaller in size and an ideal choice for those who have limited space available.

When in its original form it measures 50" x 24" x 49.2" and when folded it measures 25.2" x 24" x 49.2" so it is easy to store.

The tread belt is generously sized to cater to the strides of different individuals. Impressively, this treadmill has different speed and inclination settings that can be selected according to your fitness levels.

The maximum speed that can be reached is 6 MPH and there is the choice of 3 inclination settings that allow you to increase the angle when required.

For those who are unfamiliar with using a treadmill, it features a convenient LCD that shows the time, distance covered, the speed at which you are traveling, and the calories that have been burned.

Impressively, the handles also feature pulse monitors that encourage you to keep progressing with the workout.

Something that we particularly like about this folding treadmill is the Fit Show app that can be connected to a device of your choice through a Bluetooth connection.

This allows you to access your training data with ease and so you can understand the areas that require improvement. 


  • The hydraulic folding design allows for easy storage in between uses.
  • The safety key ensures that you are safe in the event of an emergency.
  • It comes with 12 preset training modes.
  • It is easy to assemble and operate.
  • The LCD presents each of the functions clearly for straightforward navigation.


  • This treadmill is prone to producing a squeaking noise when it is in use.

Best Folding Treadmills Buying Guide

Before investing in your folding treadmill there are some criteria that we would recommend you considering.

This will ensure that you select the treadmill that is compatible with your needs and offers all of the features that you are seeking in your chosen treadmill.

The Build Quality

The materials that have been used to construct your treadmill are going to influence the durability.

If you are intending to use your treadmill regularly then it needs to be designed to withstand this use.

Those that are made with poor quality materials are less likely to see you through as many uses. 

The build quality refers to numerous elements such as the surrounding frame and handrails and also the running belt.

Assembling the Treadmill

Ideally, your treadmill should be straightforward to assemble.

If you are new to using a machine of this kind it is preferable to pay attention to reviews surrounding the ease of assembly as this will provide you with a clear understanding as to what you can expect. 

Also, consider how easy the treadmill is to fold away after it has been used. It is all necessary to consider how easy it is to fold the treadmill after it has been used.

The Size

Consider the size of the treadmill that you require. Just because the treadmill is foldable it doesn't mean that it is going to differ hugely in size when in its standard form than those that aren't.

Some will also be bulkier when folded than others. Assess the room that you have available to store the treadmill when it is in use and when it is stored.

The Speed and Incline

When using a treadmill it is needless to say that varying speed and incline settings are preferable in catering to the workout requirements of different individuals.

While some who are using the machine may prefer to walk along a flat surface at a moderate speed, others may prefer to tackle more of an incline.

The speed and incline can be set to a specific level and the controls allow you to adjust each as and when you please to find the most effective angle for you.

The Features

All treadmills, even those that are simply designed, tend to display the time, the speed, your heart rate, and the calories that you have burned, however, you will find others with more than this.

Some models feature Bluetooth connectivity that allow you to connect a device to the treadmill, and some will allow you to listen to music as you run.

Most treadmills have built-in programs that provide a focus for your workouts.

User Experience

The display of the treadmill will influence how easy it is to use.

For those who are unfamiliar with using a treadmill, clearly identifiable controls are preferable as this allows for easy navigation between the settings.

The Running Surface

A longer running surface is going to accommodate the strides of different individuals.

Those with a longer stride are going to require a more spacious running surface that allows them to run freely without limiting them on movement and their ability to reach their full potential.

The Cost

The cost of a folding treadmill is likely to differ depending on the type, however, many models offer excellent value for money.

The amount that you spend is likely to depend on the regularity in which you intend to use the treadmill.

If you are looking for a running machine to accommodate occasional workouts you may wish to spend less than a fitness enthusiast who is looking for a treadmill that they can incorporate into their daily workout schedule. 

It is important to account for many factors when evaluating the amount that you want to spend on your treadmill.

First and foremost it needs to be safely constructed, but it should also be made from excellent quality materials and durable.

The Warranty

It is preferable to opt for a foldable treadmill that is covered by a warranty.

Although the length of the warranty is likely to differ between the brands, having one in place ensures that you are covered should you receive a faulty product or experience any issues when attempting to get the treadmill to function. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many minutes a day should you walk on a treadmill?

The amount of time that you spend on the treadmill is likely to depend on your fitness level and your experience of using a treadmill.

For beginners, it is worth starting with walking at a moderate pace and then increasing the speed as you develop confidence.

Beginners are advised to spend around 5 to 15 minutes using a treadmill per session.

For those that are more experienced in using a treadmill, you may wish to spend around 30 to 60 minutes using the treadmill as this will ensure that you can enjoy a decently lengthed workout without posing any health risks.

Are treadmills safe?

If treadmills are used correctly then they can be unsafe.

You will find that many treadmills come with guidelines and precautions detailing how they are intended to be used safely.

There is a risk of injury occurring if these precautions are not adhered to.

Are treadmills worth it?

Using a treadmill can provide an effective way of working out.

Offering the option to run or walk you can cater your workout to your preferences and ability and more often than not they can compensate for occasions where you aren't able to go for an actual run or a walk.