Best Exercise Trampoline

Exercise can sometimes not always be the most enjoyable activity: hours and hours of sweating and panting as you sprint, jog or pull yourself into different yoga positions to desperately try and encourage blood and heat into those seldom-exercised zones.

With the world of exercising becoming ever more diverse, you can find numerous ways to spice up your exercise regime, one of them being trampolining!

But how is an exercise trampoline so different from a regular trampoline? Well, exercise trampolines are a lot smaller and are designed for low impact exercises that can be incorporated into your bouncing.

A fitness trampoline can be used as part of a cardio routine, pulling shapes or doing a certain number of impacts along with an instructor or to music.

It is a fun, engaging and, more importantly, vigorous method of shedding pounds. On an exercise trampoline, your workout time will fly by!

Some of these exercise trampolines come with their own DVD or instruction video with exercises tailored specifically for the model of trampoline that you plan on using.

If you have the room, this apparatus is perfect for home use, you can work up a decent sweat in your living room or bedroom.

Exercise trampolines are also lightweight and very easy to carry, so you can easily set one up in your garden and exercise with the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin.

But where can you find the best exercise trampoline? What features and materials should a trampoline be made out of to give you high bounce over a long period of strenuous activity? How much can you be looking to shell out for a decent fitness trampoline?

Well, fitness fanatics need not stress themselves out any longer, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best exercise trampolines currently on the market.

We’ve also got a buyer’s guide that will help give you some insight into what to look for when you’re buying your next trampoline, as well as some frequently asked questions.

So grab your rubbing shorts or your lycra onesie and let’s take a running jump into the list of our best exercise trampolines!


BCAN 38' Foldable Mini Trampoline, Fitness Trampoline with Safety Pad, Stable & Quiet Exercise Rebounder for Kids Adults Indoor/Garden Workout Max 300lbs - Blue

Our first exercise trampoline has a surface that is crafted from rubber, which gives you plenty of traction when bouncing and will stop you from slipping off and causing damage to your home or yourself.

The springs underneath are very supportive and durable, giving you a nice, firm and gentle bounce - introducing the BCAN 38-inch Foldable Mini Trampoline.

One of the main worries of a fitness trampoline will be that your toe will stub on the outer rim and cause you significant injury.

However, with this unit that won’t be the case, as there is a protective cushioned ring around the outside that will take care of your delicate feet and toes.

The 38-inch diameter is accommodating to people of larger sizes and weights, making sure to catch you when you fall.

You can also fold it up, making it easier to store and transport. This particular rebounder has a handle that is built into the housing, which will be useful for stability, especially if you’re an older user or have injuries.


  • This rebounder is made for stability and adjustability, with an optional handle that is ideal for users that are a bit wobbly on their feet and need that extra help to regain muscle strength and mobility.
  • The steel ring makes for good balance, with a foam padding around the edge that will prevent you from injury.
  • For users who want to exercise but don’t want to overexert themselves too much, this trampoline will give you a very gentle bounce, perfect for supporting you through gentle to moderate exercise.
  • You can fold this table away, making it a great unit to store in your apartment or single bedroom flat.


  • Some users have complained of broken springs even within the first few months of use.


Our next trampoline is easy to transport, small and lightweight, as well as being incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble.

If you’re planning on using this multiple times a day, you can reduce this to a quarter of its original size, tucking it out of the way for when you have guests around and need the room - introducing Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle.

The handle gives the user additional stability during use, allowing you to focus on certain positions during your bouncing exercises.

It has a generous radius of 40.5-inches, which folds up into a 30-inch long and 16-inch wide carry unit. If you fancy transitioning your exercises from indoors to outdoors during those summer seasons, then this is the trampoline for you.

The body of this trampoline is very resilient, with steel springs underneath that will withstand repeated low-impact pounding over a long period.

In a fitness trampoline, longevity is crucial, so having durable materials like this trampoline is a must.


  • You can use the handlebars of this trampoline to steady yourself, a neat little feature for people who want to improve their core but need that extra stabilization to achieve it.
  • The wider surface area of the trampoline means that no matter what size or height you are, you’ll still be able to rely on a low and controlled bounce. This is the most fun method of burning off calories.
  • You can attempt a range of exercises, simply Google a standard workout regime for the trampoline and start getting fit immediately.
  • If you prefer a hands-free workout, you can easily remove the handlebar and retract the legs to have a more compact and unconstrained workout.


  • The handlebar is not adjustable, which might not appeal to taller users who will need that stability.


MaXimus Pro USA Home Gym Rebounder Mini Trampoline 40 inch with Handle Bar | Includes 2 x Awesome Rebound DVD's 7 Workouts | Adults Indoors | Max 150kg | Exercise Fitness Trampoline | Already Assembled

Our next fitness trampoline has been described as not so much a trampoline as a full-body workout, coming with a removable handlebar that you can add or remove for extra stability.

This unit also comes free with 2 separate resistance bands that you can use to augment your springs and try a host of new creative exercises - introducing the Maximus Pro Mini Trampoline with Handle.

This trampoline comes with plenty of fitness accessories to elevate your routine above the ordinary up and down trajectory.

You can attach fitness bands to the springs underneath, helping you work on your arms and upper body as well as your lower portion.

It also comes with two workout videos that will help show you how to use them.

The heavy-duty steel springs will give you a consistent, gentle and resilient bouncing pattern.

The legs also fold up, making it easy to slide under the bed or transport to your favorite outdoor exercise spot.


  • The build quality of this trampoline is high, the steel frame and springs give you that solid and reliable bounce for many months of intense use.
  • The versatility - this unit can be adapted not just to work out your legs and core, but also the upper body and arms. This three-dimensional regime will make it particularly appealing to hardcore exercisers.
  • But there’s also something for beginners and those with mobility issues - keep the handle attached for a workout that will hold you nice and steady.
  • The steel frame of this trampoline is one of the most durable on this list, start using it today and you’ll find that you still have the same one a year from now.


  • The trampoline itself does not fold away, which will make it a lot more awkward to store than some other units.


Much like our last trampoline, this next one is equipped with resistance bands that will open up a whole new array of diverse and challenging exercises.

You can exert your upper and lower body so that one isn’t overly weaker than the other.

You can use this rebounder to perform crunches and squats or remove the bands to simply jump up and down for light rehabilitation - introducing Wamkos 40-inch Mini Exercise Trampoline.

Beginners will enjoy the simple bounce function the Wamko offers, with sturdy, rust-resistant springs and a thick layer of cushioning on the outer rim to decrease the chances of injury.

However, the more advanced fitness fanatics can discard the handlebars and go hell for leather on both the trampoline and the optional armbands.


  • The polypropylene body is very resistant to repeated strain, but also has a lot of give in it.
  • You will get a firm and controlled bounce, which will be very important if you plan on executing complicated twists and turns.
  • The additional fitness accessories such as the arms bands are a great option for the fitness fanatic who likes a challenge. You can try squats and crunches on this trampoline.
  • The springs are sturdy and durable, resulting in a piece of equipment that will last you for years and years if maintained properly.
  • The rubber stoppers on the legs will protect your floor from scratches and marks, especially helpful if it’s made from wood.


  • The price - this trampoline is slightly more expensive than some of the others in this list, which might deter beginners who only plan on using it once or twice a week.


Our final trampoline has been made with both indoor and outdoor use in mind, with a foldable body that can be transported from one environment to another.

The surface is precision-engineered from the most durable materials, with an array of tension bands that gives it a unique bounce - introducing the Stamina 38-inch Intone Plus Rebounder.

This trampoline is equipped with a lot of different safety precautions that will keep you safe during your workout, especially when it comes to stubbing toes and scuffing heels, which is a common issue of shoddily-made trampolines.

One of the more unique features of this trampoline is the built-in fitness tracker that you can use to monitor the progress of your workout.

This will be very appealing to fitness fanatics who want to see how much they’ve improved over a few months and whether they should increase their exercise.


  • The construction of this trampoline is very solid, the metal frame and resilient tarpaulin are suspended with tension bands that can easily withstand repeated impacts.
  • There are also 2 resistance bands that you can use to work out your upper as well as your lower body.
  • The fitness tracker built into the housing of the trampoline is a great method to keep a count of how many bounces you do over time, allowing you to increase or adapt your workout to your next goal.
  • You can easily fold away this trampoline, which makes it ideal for storing in a garage or apartment.


  • The added luxury of the fitness tracker comes with an increased price, which might put off more casual trampoline users.

Best Exercise Trampoline Buying Guide

When purchasing your first, second or third exercise trampoline, you’ll want to consider what kind of exercise you’ll want to be doing on them, as well as the intensity.

However, there are a few basic things that all trampolines should offer for any ability level.

What Is The Surface Material?

Most of the fitness trampolines listed above are made from polypropylene, which is a very resilient plastic polymer.

This is a material that is both durable and flexible, with plenty of give that allows you to bounce but within a very narrow bandwidth.

This material is also water-resistant, making it very easy to wipe down after use or leave it in the rain overnight. Ideally, you’ll want a trampoline that prevents rust and will not corrode.

What Are The Springs Made Out Of?

The frame of the trampoline is often supported by a set of steel springs, the strength of which will determine how well it will be able to bounce.

However, steel can often be a very creaky material, which will make it more difficult if you're planning on using them at night in a family household.

You can get trampolines that are made from bungee cords, which will make for a quieter bounce but will not be as long-lasting.

Does It Come With Safety Pads?

Most trampolines have a safety pad that surrounds the edge to avoid tripping injuries and your toes getting stubbed and heels being scuffed.

This will make your first trampolining experience that little bit more confident and comfortable.

It is also crucial that your trampoline protect the toes from getting entangled in the springs around the side. If you get ensnared in these, then it can result in a very serious injury.

How Portable Is It?

Most of the trampolines on this list can be folded up, making them easy to store and transport.

You can set up these handy bouncers outside or inside and lots of users actually gather together in trampoline clubs, listening to an instructor along with energetic music.

If you find yourself more motivated by working out with a large group of people, then we recommend Googling your local trampoline club. Make friends who have the same fitness goal as you do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fitness Trampolining Dangerous?

No, not really.

Like many sports, fitness trampolining does come with its own hazards, but as long as you stick to the safety precautions listed by the manufacturer, then you shouldn't run into too many issues.

We recommend that if you are using a fitness trampoline for the first time that you have it set up with the handle to keep yourself stable.

You can also get advice from your fitness instructor on how to perform certain moves in a way that won’t pose a risk to you.

How Should You Trampolin With An Injury?

Generally, you should probably use the handlebars if you have an injury because you might be putting undue weight on it before it is properly healed.

If your injury is very severe, we would recommend that you steer clear of the trampoline for a few weeks until your injury is better.

Some people enjoy gentle, fluid movement on a trampoline to improve flexibility in the ankle after a nasty sprain.

Should You Opt For Fitness Bands With Your Trampoline?

If you want an intense workout, we would recommend that you get a trampoline that comes with fitness bands.

You can stretch your arms, legs and improve your core at the same time by doing fitness band workouts.

However, if you are finding yourself struggling to even balance on a fitness trampoline, you should get accustomed to its fluid movement first before attempting to use it with fitness bands.