Best Crossfit Shoes for Men

CrossFit is a relatively new exercise program that’s taken the fitness world by storm.

In 2000, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai founded this new branch of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). CrossFit workouts are highly variable but generally consist of 4 sections: the warm-up, the main workout, strength or skill training, and finally, a period of stretching. 

The focus during the workouts is to execute as many repetitions as possible, pushing your body to its limit. 

Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, improve your physical fitness, or even just try something new, CrossFit could be your new favorite exercise regimen! 

But before you book yourself a slot at your nearest CrossFit Box, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper equipment.

Most importantly, you’ll need to have the right shoes. 

Because CrossFit involves performing a wide variety of exercises at a high level of intensity, the shoes you wear for these workouts will need to be comfortable, durable, and versatile. 

Today, we’ll be focusing specifically on the best CrossFit shoes for men. We’ve reviewed the 5 best CrossFit shoes for men along with a detailed buyer’s guide.

We’ve also included an FAQ section to clarify some CrossFit-related information and misconceptions. 


Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer, Black/Alloy/Gum, 12 M US

Reebok’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneakers are designed for comfort, support, and dynamic mobility.

In fact, Reebok designed these sneakers with the input of experienced CrossFitters, so you can be sure that they will be perfect for your CrossFit workouts. 

The bootie heel and flexweave upper construction of the CrossFit Nano 8.0 ensure a comfortable and supportive fit.

The flexweave fabric is also highly breathable and durable, so it will last you a long time and keep your feet feeling fresh throughout your workout. 

With a cushioned midsole and sock liner, these sneakers will help to minimize discomfort during your workouts while the low cut ensures a full range of mobility in the ankles. 

The high-abrasion rubber outsole provides superior grip to maximize performance. Flex grooves have been added to the sole under the forefoot, allowing for added flexibility and ease of movement. 

Available in a wide size range of 6.5 to 14, most customers will have no trouble finding this sneaker in their perfect size. 

As an added bonus, the CrossFit Nano 8.0 can be bought in 16 unique color designs, including various combinations of blue, green, gray, black, and red.

In these sneakers, your feet will not only feel but also look amazing. 


  • Comfortable bootie heel construction 
  • Supportive and breathable flexweave upper construction 
  • Cushioned midsole and sock liner 
  • Low cut for ankle mobility 
  • High-abrasion rubber outsole for grip
  • Forefoot flex grooves 
  • Available in sizes 6.5 to 14
  • 16 color options


  • Some reported issues with sizing


Under Armour Men's Speedform Feel Cross Trainer Sneaker, Black (001)/Black, 12

Under Armour is well known for manufacturing high-quality workout apparel, and this brand’s design skill really shows in the design of the Speedform Feel Cross-Trainer Shoes. 

These sneakers are built to withstand intense activity, which is one of the most important features in a CrossFit shoe. 

The ripstop material used in the construction of these shoes is lightweight and also durable, meaning that you’ll feel light on your feet without needing to worry about wearing through the fabric. 

Meanwhile, the mesh fabric also allows for breathability and air circulation to the feet, keeping you dry and comfortable through even the most demanding workouts. 

The Micro G foam midsole provides cushioning and support in the most sensitive areas of the foot. 

Possibly the biggest advantage of the Speedform Cross-Trainer shoes, however, is the sole construction.

The rubber outsole provides upwards and downwards flexibility, allowing for all the movement and flexibility you need whilst also maintaining a superior grip. 

The grip is also strategically positioned to assist with rope climbing exercises. The external heel counter, meanwhile, contributes extra stability. 

You can purchase these shoes in sizes 7 to 15 and in 10 different color options, so these sneakers will fit your feet and your personal style perfectly. 


  • Built specifically for high-intensity workouts 
  • Lightweight and durable ripstop material 
  • Mesh fabric for breathability 
  • Micro G foam midsole 
  • Upward and downward flexible rubber outsole 
  • Medial rope-climbing grip 
  • Stable external heel counter 
  • Size range 7 to 15 
  • 10 color options


  • Some customers find the midsole construction uncomfortable


Reebok Men's Nano 9 Cross Trainer, Black/White, 10.5 M US

The Nanon 8 Cross-Trainer sneakers from Reebok are yet another testament to this brand’s superiority when it comes to CrossFit workout gear. 

Like the Nano 8.0, the Nano 9.0 has a flexweave upper construction for flexibility, breathability, and support. 

Speaking of support, the midfoot support cage keeps the foot comfortably supported where it matters most. 

Also like the Nano 8.0 design, the overall construction is low-cut, which enables complete motion from the ankle to the foot for smoother and easier transitions. 

The midsole and outsole constructions, meanwhile, work together to enhance the wearer’s performance.

A polyurethane NanoShell has been added to the midsole for additional support and protection against abrasion, contributing to the overall durability of the shoe. 

The outsole, meanwhile, is made of rubber for superior abrasion-resistance and grip, with an added flexibility contributed by the same flex grooves found on the 8.0 design. 

This shoe is available in 30 different colors and in an impressive size range of 5 to 14, including some half sizes. 


  • Flexweave upper construction 
  • Supportive midfoot cage 
  • Low-cut construction for foot transitions 
  • Durable and supportive midsole NanoShell 
  • Flexible and durable rubber outsole 
  • Sizes 5 to 14 available 
  • 30 color options


  • Sole may be uncomfortable for those with fallen arches 


Nike Metcon 5 Men's Training Shoe Black/Black-White-Gum MED Brown Size 11

Nike as a brand needs no introduction, but the Metcon 5 Training Shoe definitely deserves to be talked about more in the world of CrossFit. 

In terms of upper construction, the fabric used is lightweight and textured for ease of movement and durability. 

The heel of the shoe is wide and flat, meaning that it won’t be uncomfortable for those with fallen arches or flatter feet.

This heel is also fitted with a firm layer of foam to keep your feet comfortable and secure in the shoe. 

A removable hyperlift insert has been included in this shoe for additional support and stability when needed. 

The directional traction on the outsole also makes this shoe ideal for rope climbing. 

With 21 different color options and a range of available sizes spanning size 6 to size 15, there’s a Metcon 5 Training Shoe to suit just about everyone. 


  • Directional outsole traction 
  • Lightweight, durable textured fabric 
  • Wide, flat heel construction 
  • Foam layer in the heel for comfort and 
  • Removable hyperlift insert included 
  • Sizes 6 to 15 available 
  • 21 color designs


  • The sizing runs a little snug 


NOBULL Men's Training Shoes and Styles (9, Black White)

This training shoe by NoBull has received an impressive amount of attention considering that the company was only founded in 2017. 

The reason this shoe is so perfect for CrossFit is that it’s been designed to provide superior performance in a wide range of exercises, from running to lifting to climbing, so no matter what your WOD (workout of the day) throws at you, this sneaker will have you covered. 

The canvas SuperFabric upper construction is both durable and breathable, so no matter how hard you work out, your shoes will survive and your feet will stay dry and ventilated. 

Thanks to the patterned outsole, this shoe enables smooth and non-slip inside to outside (and vice versa) foot transitions no matter what surface you’re working with. 

This sneaker comes in 12 classic color schemes and can be purchased in sizes 9 to 18. 


  • Designed for high performance in various exercises 
  • Breathable and durable canvas SuperFabric 
  • Patterned outsole for grip and foot transitions 
  • 12 color options 
  • Available in sizes 9 to 18


  • Size range not inclusive of smaller feet

Best Crossfit Shoes for Men Buying Guide


If you’ve ever tried working out in shoes that are either too big or too small, you’ll already know that it’s not a good idea.

If your shoes are too tight, you’ll probably experience a lot of discomfort, and if they’re too loose, you risk tripping and injuring yourself as well as compromising on proper support. 

Before purchasing shoes for CrossFit, you should be aware of the shoe size you usually wear and any additional requirements you have (for example, you might have particularly wide or narrow feet, or you might need to use insoles).

It’s important to note at this point that while the US sizing is universal in theory, the fit of each size is likely to vary slightly between manufacturers.

For example, a size 10 sneaker may be tighter, looser, narrower, or wider in one brand than another. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the size guides and product reviews provided to make sure that your usual size will fit you properly. 

Upper Construction

When it comes to workout shoes, CrossFit shoes included, construction is typically divided into upper and sole/heel construction. 

Upper construction refers, as you might expect, to the construction of the top of the shoe. The material is going to be the most important thing to consider here. 

The fabric used in CrossFit shoes will need to be durable and supportive as well as breathable.

You can have the most comfortable and long-lasting pair of shoes ever made, but if you find your feet soaked in sweat at the end of a workout, you probably won’t enjoy wearing them very much. 

Similarly, shoes that keep your feet well ventilated but fall apart after a few uses will ultimately be a waste of money, so it’s important to find a balance. 

Canvas material will meet all of the above requirements, as will most trademarked fabrics since the latter will have been designed specifically with all of this in mind. 

Another feature of upper construction worth considering is texture.

Texturing on a CrossFit shoe will improve both flexibility and durability, allowing you to push your feet to their limits without damaging the structure of the shoes themselves.

Sole/Heel Construction

The most important factors to prioritize in the sole and heel construction of any CrossFit shoe are support, flexibility, and durability. 

Most CrossFit sneaker soles will be made of rubber because of this material’s superior grip and flexibility. Rubber is also a durable material that won’t easily be worn through.

The addition of flex groves to the soles helps to improve flexibility for a better range of movement. 

Sole construction consists of the midsole and outsole, both of which play an important role in the grip and supportiveness of the shoe.

Directional texturing on the outsole of the shoe can help to provide grip and stability during foot transitions and is also helpful for rope climbing.

Ideally, the midsole should be padded for comfort and constructed in a way that provides arch support.

Where the heel is concerned, construction can be low or high.

Which kind of heel is best for you will depend on the structure and arch of your foot, but a little extra lift in the heel can be helpful for squats and weight lifting. 

Alternatively, the same effect can be created in a flatter shoe with an insole (see below). An additional layer of foam in the heel will provide support and stability. 


CrossFit isn’t only a great exercise regimen for building muscle and endurance - it’s also known for building confidence.

Bearing this in mind, it makes sense to choose a style of shoe that makes you feel confident as well as comfortable. 

The CrossFit shoes featured in our product review section have anywhere between 10 and 30 color or design options, so you won’t be restricted in terms of style. 

Additional Features 

There’s really only one separate additional feature included with any of the CrossFit shoes on our list, but we felt it was important enough to warrant a section all of its own. 

The tricky thing about shoes designed for CrossFit or other high-intensity workouts is that there is a lot of focus on support.

Now, of course, for the most part, this is a good thing. However, for those with flat feet or fallen arches, supportive designs can often be uncomfortable to the point of making the shoe impossible to work out in. 

The inclusion of a removable insole makes a shoe more adaptable, meaning that those with flatter feet can wear them without the insoles for a more compatible fit, while others requiring arch support can benefit from the additional lift. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between CrossFit and cross-training?

The terms ‘CrossFit’ and ‘cross-training’ often get confused with one another because of how similar they are.

Additionally, if you search for ‘best CrossFit shoes’ on the internet, you’ll probably find yourself bombarded with dozens of results for ‘best cross-training shoes’, complicating things further. 

CrossFit and cross-training do have their overlaps, but there are also important differences between these 2 forms of exercise. 

While both CrossFit and cross-training involve performing a variety of exercises to increase your endurance and fitness levels in all areas, that is where the similarity begins and ends. 

CrossFit is a specific and trademarked exercise regimen that involves a step-by-step program and workout plan, while cross-training is a more general term for engaging in multi-disciplinary training. 

What are the benefits of CrossFit?

CrossFit has a lot of health benefits, which is one of the reasons why this form of exercise regimen has become so popular. 

CrossFit is an extremely effective method of burning fat, building muscle, and developing your stamina.

Moreover, the high intensity and variation of CrossFit regimens mean that in addition to burning significant calories during your workout, you’ll also experience an ‘afterburn’, leading to prolonged calorie burning even after you’ve finished exercising.

The skill section of CrossFit exercise routines also gives you the chance to work on things like agility and flexibility. 

Another benefit of CrossFit that is often overlooked is the emotional benefit. Of course, exercise releases endorphins, which is fantastic for mental health.

Additionally, because CrossFit training encourages pushing yourself to the limits of your endurance, you may find yourself unlocking potential you never knew you had, giving you a confidence boost and a more positive mindset. 

Is CrossFit safe?

If you’ve ever researched CrossFit, you may have come across some alarming testimonials and warnings about the dangers of this exercise regimen. 

However, these cautionary tales should not put you off CrossFit altogether. Instead, they should serve as a reminder of the importance of paying attention to your body’s limits and practicing safe exercise techniques. 

On the whole, CrossFit is no more dangerous than other forms of HIIT training. However, the focus on pushing yourself in terms of speed, strength, and endurance means that it’s necessary to pay close attention to the fine line between challenging and overstraining yourself. 

In order to make sure that your CrossFit experience is as safe as possible, you should always check that your CrossFit box and trainer are reputable beforehand. 

It’s also essential to warm up properly before your workout (we recommend a light pre-warm-up and stretching before the warm-up itself). 

If, during your workout, you begin to experience a severe amount of pain or any kind of chest pain, stop immediately, and let your trainer know. 

If you have any pre-existing injuries, you should not engage in CrossFit training unless your doctor has given you the go-ahead.

Similarly, if you do develop an injury as a result of CrossFit, you should discontinue training until you have been seen and cleared by a professional.